Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Three and one half time outs Tuesday.

Editor's note:  I'm doing it.  Larry started it - copied it from another famous blogger, I should say - and so I'm doing it now too.  Why?  Because I want people to like me and I want to be popular and maybe that way I can someday be voted for in the Blog Awards like those big time bloggers who aren't Larry.  Just kidding.  I'm really just being pathetic.

As hosted by Acts of the Apostasy - although this is hosted by Abbey Roads (that's me).


My cat threw up on me in bed last night.  Poor kitty.  I cleaned myself up and went back to bed, trying to get to sleep but I laid there awake, trying to pray and sometimes thinking back to the Rocky Horror show in the White House earlier in the evening.  The president looked stoned at one point.  I don't think we should ever look stoned in public.  That's just me of course - people could never tell when I was.  Cool is so not cool.


I'm in between paintings right now, so I'm taking the time to retouch a few earlier paintings.  Few people know this about me but the paintings I post on my art blog undergo changes after I post them.  The changes are subtle corrections of what I can't see while painting - all because I can enlarge them online.  Yes, my eyes are getting worse and I keep putting off my doctor's appointment.  Don't tell me.


Larry wrote about snow.  So we are getting snow here today - I'm not sure it will amount to much.  TV meteorologists love to exaggerate the winter storm warnings and excite fear amongst the population.  Should I write more here? 


I live like a hermit you know.  I really do.  That is pretty much why I'm so weird.

Photo:  I can't bring myself to use the photo of Larry's delinquent kids.



  1. You're such a squirrel. LOL!

  2. The squirrels are seriously cool. And so well trained. Mine just eat the bird seed.

  3. "TV meteorologists love to exaggerate the winter storm warnings and excite fear amongst the population."

    That way, more people watch and they get more money from the advertising!!!

    I prefer to watch WCCO's weather radar images and do my own forecasting.

  4. The next blast of snow just passed New Ulm and should be here in a couple of hours or less.

  5. +JMJ+

    Meanwhile, I almost gave myself sunstroke yesterday, walking in my flipflops and without a hat.

  6. WCCO good neighbor in the Northwest. It doesn't sound like there's really been much winter to speak of in that country this year. My family in Montana said there's been none to speak of there either.

    My coldest moment in my life was waiting for 2 buses that never showed up on Cedar Ave S with nothing between me and the -30 elements but a "T"


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