Friday, February 10, 2012

The Women of The View: Don't have a clue.

Deluded Divas.

Earlier this week I actually watched - in unbelief - the women of The View discuss the issue of a woman being required to view an ultrasound of her baby before choosing to abort the child.  Their misplaced compassion for the mother was indeed incredible, but what really struck me is their obvious denial of the good work connected with the pro-life movement.  Especially as Whoopi went on a rant describing how all those picketers tell these poor girls they shouldn't get an abortion, but none of those picketing steps up to say, "We'll take your baby."  "We'll take care of you and help you." 

Is she nuts?  She was raised Catholic, she knows the Catholic Church is in the forefront offering help to pregnant women.  Catholic organizations beg women to have their children, promising help - money, food, clothing, shelter, and and even offering to take the child, providing adoption services, and so on.  Lapsed Catholic Joy Behar is just as bad  - they all know the Church offers to help and will take the child - no questions asked...
JOY BEHAR: It’s very totalitarian in my opinion. I mean, it smacks of forcing somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don’t want to deal with.
The liberal women on The View, Wednesday, shrieked at the “totalitarian” decision by a Texas judge to uphold a law requiring women to look at an ultrasound before having an abortion. Co-host and journalist Barbara Walters found the legal ruling– and not the act of abortion itself– to be “heartbreaking.”

Regarding the ruling, left-wing comedienne Joy Behar spewed, “It’s very totalitarian in my opinion. I mean, it smacks of forcing somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don’t want to deal with.” Rather than focus on the actual abortion, Walters lectured, “Then to have to go and be forced to hear, to see the fetus, to hear the heartbeat, to put more guilt on you, I think is heartbreaking.”

Walters continued, declaring that the decision to “give up a child that is obviously unwanted… is such a tremendous decision, it’s involved with so much fear of what you’re doing and guilt.”

It was left up to token conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck to make some obvious points, noting that if you were going to have “a cyst removed or tooth extracted…you would never go through any medical procedure without looking at an ultrasound, seeing an X-ray.”

As for Behar’s definition of “totalitarianism,” she’s apparently unaware that in many communist and actual dictatorial countries, women are forced to get abortions. - Finish reading here.

Blind guides.   


  1. That whole thing about people not caring about babies once they're born is one of the favorite arguments of the loony left.

    Facts don't matter to this people...

  2. W#hy were you watching "The View," anyway?

  3. Thom - I like their guests sometimes and it is background while I'm having coffee - and anyway - the news comes on after the show.

    I actually like Whoopi and Behar - they just piss me off sometimes - they are pig-headed disgruntled Catholic femminists. Hasselbach annoys me all of the time. Barbara is a sweet old lady - and not as smart as she pretends to be and Cheri is a hoot - and really dumb.

    I don't hate the people I disagree with.

  4. Adrienne - I know! I can't believe how narrow minded they actually get to be once they adopt that mindset - and yet they accuse conservatives of the very same thing. They are truly the blind guides and hypocrites. They won't take of the baby but they will be happy to kill it for you.

  5. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I'm glad these issues are arising in a very public forum. I think it is forcing people to take a stand, one way or the other. I also think it is probably waking up the majority of Catholics who don't even know or understand what the Church officially teaches in regards to these issues. I think only good can come from this public debate.


  6. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Well put Spade.

    Minnetonka Minnie

  7. RealityCheck12:57 PM

    People know the RCC (Catholics included) disapproves of birth control. They just sigh and ignore it. Ninety-nine percent of sexually active women use some form of artificial birth control, and ninety-eight (!) percent of sexually active Catholic women do.

    It's a teaching that nobody follows. How often do you see families of 8, 9, 10 kids in the pews on Sunday?

    It's a reactionary view based on an obsolete understand of sex (medievals though that sperm were complete human beings, only needing a womb, we know now this isn't the case).

  8. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Get Reality Checked please!

    Doesn't matter -doesn't matter! Church teaching can't change. Keep trying though.


  9. Lots of big families in my parish..and it's not especially a traditional one.

    Maybe women are wising up and not wanting to dump tons of hormones and hardware into their bodies.

    Makes sense when we don't even want that stuff in our food.

    That 98 percent figure is an inflated number which likely includes women who used a contraceptive even once...or for a medical condition.

  10. TONS of big families in my parish, and I know MANY more in other parishes. Big families are the new black. They are EVERYWHERE.

    And I have pleaded to many more to do the same, unsuccessfully.

    By the way, my daughter, the daughter I pleaded for, will be 5 years old this month.

  11. RosaMaria7:48 PM

    The liberal women on "The View" SHRIEKED at the totalitarian, etc...."..yes, they shriek just like banshees....Yes, misplaced compassion, or all the compassion for the woman, none for the baby; I agree with that completely

  12. Cathy! God bless you and your family! Happy birthday to your daughter.

  13. He certainly did, Terry.

    Thanks, I'll pass it along. She's currently (way past her bedtime) pretending she's a frog and jumping around the living room.

  14. I watched the show and I gasped when Sherri Shepherd said, "I had a lot of abortions."

    And yet she was STILL defending the pro-abort movement. When Elizabeth spoke,it looked like they made her feel uncomfortable.

    I quit watching after that. I was angry and for many reasons.
    I missed the Kansan pro-life banquet two days ago. I should have went because the pro-life governer of Kansas was there and Steven Tylers ex girlfriend spoke about her and Mr.Tylers regretful - baby born alive after an abortion horror. This stuff is bull shit and totally unacceptatble.

  15. Here is a "reality check" for you. It DOES NOT say that 98% of Catholic women use birth control. It says 98% of Catholic women HAVE used birth control. Big difference.

    Second, the church is not against birth control (the spacing of births for a moral reason using natural methods with the respect and dignity of the female body and cycle), it is against contraception/sterilizations/abortions- which all go against the respect and dignity of the human person as well as have some incredibly poisonous side effects-namely DEATH. Another big difference.

    It is intellectually dishonest and disingenuous to tout those products as something for women's health when in actuality they have been shown to be incredibly harmful for women. Not only that, when speaking in medical language "preventative services" is in regards to disease. Contraception/sterilizations/abortions are NOT a preventative service. They do not prevent disease.

    Finally, whether anyone is for or against the above "products" is really beside the point. To be "okay" with this administration encroaching on religious liberty is a dangerous sign of things to come. The government now believes they have the power to define what religious identity and ministry is! You don't have to be religious to see that once they reach in that far- they WILL reach farther and it will become a slippery slope of what this government will begin to DICTATE to all people. Set aside your anti-religious bias, be honest and look ahead into the future for what this will mean. You won't like it.

  16. Also, 100% of catholic women could use contraception and it wouldn't matter! All that means is that they are choosing to disobey the tenets of their faith. It is STILL a tenet of the faith! And it would be against the religion to be complicit in that action. It doesn't mean that the government can now say "That is not a tenet of your faith because these women over here aren't following that tenet." They don't get to decide. You don't get to decide. It is against the religion. We can't be forced to comply and we won't.

  17. If Obama really wanted free birth control for everybody he could have somehow ordered every Walmart in the nation to offer it for free, - next to the Tylenol. I don't think it's entirely about birth control. It's about a power grab and attacking the Catholic church. I think Obama believed that more people would be in favor of his attack against the church, considering the extent of her enemies.
    I had hoped that the letter read from our Archbishop during mass would have caused my sisters in Christ to think twice about using birth control. I've only heard one sermon in my 32 years of being Catholic condemming birth control and as a convert I wondered,"Is the church really against it with so much of it's population using it?

  18. The really SAD, SAD, SAD part of this whole thing is that I think that "THE VIEW" represents the VIEW of a large cross section of America. I think most people would say that Barbara the Matron and company represent the mainstream if you will of American I'm not sure that's true but if 90 some percent of Catholic women are or have contracepted and have little or no issue with that then I think that's a pretty fair assumption. My mother who is 75 can't stand any of them but she's sort of old school.


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