Saturday, February 11, 2012

Levitating priest...

Wait!  Don't run away!

I finished my painting, Levitating Priest.  I will have to photo it and post it - maybe this weekend.  I think it may even be suitable for framing, as they say on TV.

Art:  Sassetta (Stefano di Giovanni), The Blessed Ranieri Rasini Freeing Poor People from Prison in Florence, 1437–1444.


  1. Pretty good.

    I saved as if you don't mind.


  2. The painting shown is not mine.

  3. Are you suggesting I read the entire post?

    Next you'll want me to actually listen during the sermon at Mass?

    We all know sermons are for all them sinners that dare to come to Mass!


  4. I want to know the story in this painting by Sasetta....what is that dude doing coming out of a hole at the bottom of the building? is he being released from a dungeon by that rocket-tailed monk? If you know the story, do tell!

    and, can't wait to see your latest work :)

  5. PS,Now I notice the title of the work....blessed ranieri rasini freeing poor people from prison in florence......I, too, should learn to read the entire post!

    as rosanne rosanna d'anna used to say: never mind!


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