Saturday, February 25, 2012

The last day of the Novena in Preparation for the Oscars

After so many meditations, prayers, and fasting from TV to watch all the nominated films, we've come to the end of the novena.  Tomorrow is the feast, the festival, the celebration of the Academy Awards Presentation in the Kodak Temple Theater.

The Ceremonies are scheduled on a Sunday, since they usually take place during Lent.  Unlike St. Patrick's Day when the Irish seem to think they are holier than the Church - the Academy is reluctant to break the Lenten fast - hence the schedule for the Awards is always set for Sunday evening - allowing not only for everyone to get to Mass that day - but to break their fast in good conscience and enjoy some champagne and chocolates. 

Photos:  Notice how the statues are covered until the the ceremonies - such a very Catholic thing to do.  Although it should be noted that the champagne fountains are never emptied and filled with sand, as is done in liberal Michigan Catholic churches during Lent.


  1. I had no idea that chocolates and champagne were the appropriate repast for the Academy Awards. I hope Mother Delores enjoys her outing. Great publicity for her convent and the Church.


  2. Volfgang* Puck has prepared chocolate Oscar candies covered in real gold dust - and champagne is a must.

    *Just trying to be continental. Ha! Haha! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Who's nuts now?

  3. It is now the "Hollywood & Highland Center". A judge ruled Kodak, which filed for bankruptcy, can get out of a 20-year contract, thus saving Kodak $4 million a year in naming rights.

    I'm still sad about the loss of Kodachrome.

    I always thought those little tiny hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough was the way to go. With Grey Poupon.

  4. What better place to go for coverage of the "gay Olympics" than Abbey Roads!?! Thanks Terry! Looking forward to your red carpet interviews.

  5. That was sarcastic Ace - did I offend you?

  6. Terry--sorry! It was not meant to be sarcastic at all. I guess that I should have put a :-) after it.

    BTW, I only watch the red carpet part anyway, to be able to Monday morning quarterback the dresses with co-workers. I have no interest in what film won what.

  7. Thanks John - I'm glad about that. I watch the entire thing however - hoping for surprises.


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