Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does this cape make me look fat?

All the photos I have ever seen of St. John  Bosco gave me the impression he was a stout man.  Looking at the photo shown here, it appears that he was quite thin. 

Must be the capes then.  Capes make people look fat.


  1. I hear Fr. Z is 6'5", 190 lbs.

  2. "No, it's your ass that makes you look fat." Or so I respond when asked that question ...

  3. *Note to self, no capes.

  4. From Pixar's "The Incredibles":

    Edna [super-hero fashion designer]: It will be bold! Dramatic!
    Bob [aka Mr. Incredible]: Yeah!
    Edna: Heroic!
    Bob: Yeah. Something classic, like, like Dynaguy. Oh, he had a great look! Oh, the cape and the boots...
    Edna: [throws a wadded ball of paper at Bob's head] No capes!
    Bob: Isn't that my decision?
    Edna: Do you remember Thunderhead? Tall, storm powers? Nice man, good with kids.
    Bob: Listen, E...
    Edna: November 15th of '58! All was well, another day saved, when... his cape snagged on a missile fin!
    Bob: Thunderhead was not the brightest bulb...
    Edna: Stratogale! April 23rd, '57! Cape caught in a jet turbine!
    Bob: E, you can't generalize about these things...
    Edna: Metaman, express elevator! Dynaguy, snagged on takeoff! Splashdown, sucked into a vortex!
    Edna [shouts]: NO CAPES!



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