Friday, February 24, 2012

The gay "Courage Campaign"

The name choice of this campaign may be in all likelihood deliberately intended to be confused with the Roman Catholic "Courage Apostolate".

As a friend of mine noted: "Typical Alinsky-ite tactic: They have chosen "Courage Campaign" as the name of their organization to sow confusion... "

 Another friend sent the following:
Subject: Don't confuse the Catholic group, "Courage" with this "gay activist group, "Courage Campaign"

Beware! The Evil One plays the game of "Deception"!
Don't confuse the authentic Catholic group, "Courage" , with the "gay" activist group in California working to legalize so-called "same-sex" marriage...called "Courage Campaign" - tell others...

What are they talking about?  Here's a link to the press release:
Los Angeles -- The Courage Campaign, a national, progressive and grassroots online organization, and Grindr for Equality, the gay rights and political action initiative mobilizing members of the world's largest all-male social network Grindr, have teamed up to petition the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to help fund efforts to support marriage equality in various ballot initiative fights this election year. - Finish
 more here:


  1. Why do I find the name of "the world's largest all-male social network", Grindr, to be kinda gross? The couldn't pick a better name?

  2. It's descriptive of their behavior.

    I totally misread the end and thought they were supporting martyrs.

  3. Mercury, it's actually a very appropriate name given its use. Grindr is a social network used by gay men to hook-up. It gives you the location and profile of the gays within your vicinity who want to "socialize"

  4. "Thanks", Mark, haha.

    I guess my point is that it doesn't go with the whole "gays next door" image of how the lifestyle is squeaky-clean and totally has nothing to do with a random, promiscuous hook-up scene, which is supposedly just a stereotype held by "homophobes".

  5. That's just a political tactic. Even in Massachusetts gays get "married" in very small numbers (and of those, the majority are not monogamous), but the Back Bay Fens (a public park in Boston) and the sand dunes on Cape Cod near Provincetown are as popular as ever. You can't take the Sodom out of sodomy.


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