Sunday, November 06, 2011

Teresa of Jesus


I was watching the excellent Spanish miniseries on la Madre last evening on EWTN.  I know, I just said I don't watch EWTN any longer, but I was channel surfing and came across the film.

The episode dealt with the foundation in Seville and Teresa being called by the Inquisition.

Just a few comments...

I still think Mother's relationship with Fr. Gracian was way too natural.  I know!  Carmelites hate it when I say that.  I didn't like the vow of obedience deal either.  Then I think it is weird that family lived in the monastery with her - but Mother Angelica did the same thing with her mother - "Woo-wee, I'm the superior, anyone can move in!"  One other interesting tidbit is that evidently St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross acted in resistance to various bishops/superiors who got in the way of the reform...  Oh, c'mon - you knew that.

You never really know who's who in real life, do you.  Not a question.

Anyway - whatever the obstacles and difficulties - they became saints and doctors of the Church. 


  1. Too natural in what way?

  2. When you die, if you merit Heaven, you become a Saint.

    I don't think you will have your works published though.

    Better keep cranking out these good posts while you are still able.

    Is blogging an occasion for sin?

    Is commenting?


  3. In spite of various resistance to bishops/superiors, Madre Teresa died a daughter of the church unlike some heretic nuns nowadays. Very good movie!

  4. Ouch! Fr Gary, Nothing like judging the souls of others; here was I believing that whilst we can judge actions, we can never judge the state of a person’s salvation.

    I wonder if you would include as heretics those (many) members of SSPX who deny the validity of the OF of the Mass; you know, the one celebrated by Benedict XVI, or is it only ‘liberals' who can be branded as heretics? Just wondering. Please reply when you have some time, as I would truly like to know your thoughts.

  5. I do not think that Fr. Gary judged anyone's salvation. The truth is that we have nuns today who speak and act in direct defiance of intrinsic church teachings. A nun who stands outside an abortion clinic to make it easier for women to go inside and kill their offspring is one such example that comes to my mind and is starkly different than a Teresa of Jesus.

  6. I discovered one such Convent last night while searching online. This Convent is for the Sisters of St. Gertrude a Benedictine community. I looked at their vocation page and I saw about 40 grey haired old ladies in plain clothes who were promoting social justice and to my utter disdain they had a healing site that promoted one of their sisters as healing through intrinsic natural therapies that called upon the power of the body ect... the worst part of this was the quote at the top of the website.. it was quoting Buddha!!! I couldn't help myself and I even crossed over my line of no contact with these people.. I emailed them last night. What would St. Benedict say to these Sisters of his if he were given a chance to walk into their monastery?

    I think ArchBishop sheen had it right when he said "when the clothes come off.. the devil comes in"..the same can be applied to the religious habit!

  7. Fr. Gary wasn't judging at all - he knows what he is talking about.

    Merc - just her fondness for him - nothing unchaste to be sure. It is just how their relationship and her solcitude impresses me. I'm convinced that the affection was entirely spiritual and I even think our Lord told her to make that vow of obedience.

    I was mostly just having fun with this post.

    Teresa and John are two of my primary patrons.

  8. “…Ouch! Fr Gary, Nothing like judging the souls of others; here was I believing that whilst we can judge actions, we can never judge the state of a person’s salvation...”

    St. and Fr. before someone’s name entitles them to speak towards salvation.

    It is part of their authority.

    “…is it only ‘liberals' who can be branded as heretics? Just wondering…”

    Liberals lead the pack in the Heresy department.

    Just pulling something out of the Catholic air about Liberalism written a few years ago:

    …In 1939, Fr. O’Toole translated and wrote a lengthy Preface to The Liberal Illusion by Louis Veuillot. (Washington, D.C. The National Catholic Welfare Conference, 1939, 85 pages, which sold for $0.25)

    Louis Veuillot (1813-1883) was a Champion of the Faith and his brief work L’illusion liberále is a classic of Catholic journalism. Fr. O’Toole in his Preface gives a thorough history of liberalism and while never alluding to Evolution, he concludes with these words:

    “To this, the liberal may reply with tear-gas or with machine-guns, but he can make no logical rejoinder. Atheistic communism is annihilated by the Christian doctrines of Creation, of original and actual sin, of judgment and the resurrection of the dead, but to all attacks leveled at it from the premises of godless and soulless liberalism, it is absolutely invulnerable.” (p. 25)

    And just as there is no real difference between the atheistic and theistic Evolutionists, so there is no real difference between the “godless and soulless” Liberal and so-called Catholic Liberal. The terms theistic and Catholic here are but facades, masks, shields, to hide the apostasy beneath...

    So Liberals are not only heretics, but Apostates as well, according to men with an Fr. and His Holiness before their names. (His Holiness Pope St. Pius X).

    “…I discovered one such Convent last night while searching online…”

    Mr. Michael, have a look at this one. They are busting at the seams, and cannot handle the influx of women that want to become traditional Nuns. If you cannot send a donation, pray a few extra Aves for them:

    Here is a sissy-free Monastery you might want to have a look at:

    and here:

    Pray for the Holy Father.


  9. Michael - did Bishop Sheen really say that? I can't find that quote anywhere ... So does that mean married people need to keep their clothes on in bed, or that we should shower rarely?

    After all, there used to be sheets with a hole cut in them to allowed married folk modesty, and there are lots of trads who insist married people should never see one another naked. I don't think Bishop Sheen was one of them, though.

  10. (SMCTOD) Pablo, I have the feeling that I trod on your toes regarding my comment about the validity of the OF of the Mass, as I notice you continue to avoid making a statement of faith in that regard.

    I do not question that some liberals may fall into the camp of heresy, but I would also place those members of the SSPX who deny the validity of the OF of the Mass in exactly the same position. Dissention is dissention no matter the origin.

    As for those with “Fr” in front of their name being qualified to speak on matters of salvation; of course they are. However, the well known Fr. Feeney denied salvation to those outside of the Roman Catholic Church (perhaps he forgot about Eastern Rite Catholics) but this was in contradiction to the official teachings of the Church (cf Lumen Gentium 15, 16 et al) which were reiterated by the present pope in his General Audience on 30 November 2005.

    I do not mean my comments to be, in any way, disrespectful towards Fr Gary V, and that is why I solicited his further input.

  11. Michael,

    I have just read a couple of your posts from your blog. My heart aches that you were turned down so often and have now had to leave the novitiate. You seem to be a person of faith and it is that very faith that God has a plan for you (as He surely does) which will carry you through life. You will be in my prayers this evening.

  12. Parepidemos,

    The Feeneyite opinion on "Extra ecclesiam nulla salus" can be legitimately held, which is why the Feeneyites were reconciled without having to abandon it.

    I would agree about an SSPX priest who denies the validity of the Novus Ordo. I have yet to meet one who does, though I expect some exist. I would say the same or worse for any "Novus Ordo" priest who doesn't believe in the Real Presence, and I have met quite a few who don't. Such is the state of the Church today that most Catholics do not believe in the "source and summit" of the Church (c.f. Vatican II). Methinks the SSPX problem is small potatoes compared to this crisis.

  13. “…(SMCTOD) Pablo, I have the feeling that I trod on your toes regarding my comment about the validity of the OF of the Mass, as I notice you continue to avoid making a statement of faith in that regard…”

    Your high heels on my toes do not bother me, young lady.

    I do not involve in the gossip of women, and your question has nothing to do with the salvation of souls or the teachings of Holy Mother Church.


  14. Then why don't you answer it instead of patronizing?

    Btw, don;t the Feeneyites deny baptism of blood and baptism of desire, including explicit desire? Like, don't they think that if someone's going to be baptized, but dies, they go to hell?

    What a shitty way to see things. So I guess they don't even pray at all for non-Catholics who have died, huh?

    Their position may be technically acceptable (as in, not straight heretical), but it's not with the mind of the Church, the Pope, or the Magisterium. Sort of like those who say no one goes to hell, that it's just a possibility. That's strictly possible, though highly unlikely, given what we know.

    Back in the days when people (Augustine) DID believe that ALL non-Christians burn in hell for eternity, did people just accept that their parents / grandparents who had never heard the Gospel have no chance whatsoever to avoid eternal punishment? I also can't believe that so many saints truly believed unbaptized infants burned in eternal hellfire for all eternity. Don't the Feeneyites think s as well?

  15. Mercury--that is why I think that Jesus' message to St Faustina on Divine Mercy gives us so much the unbaptized infant who dies I see the Divine Mercy being applied, as well as those who had no chance of hearing the Gospel. Her diary writings give me so much hope!!

    Also please finish out the annullment process...years ago a nice Catholic gentleman asked me out for coffee. We hardly got two sips into it when he produced an envelope from his jacket pocket.."This is my divorce degree, and my annullment paperwork.. am free to marry in the Church." although I thought it was a bit odd at the time, looking back it sure was comforting to know up front that everythign had been taken care of, rather than falling for someone and THEN having to go through a bunch of legal matters. Just a thought..


  16. Mr. Nelson,

    Although the conversation in the combox is quite heavy, when I looked at the image at the top of this particular post, all I could hear was a catchy song in my head to which I sang...

    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's Maude.
    And then there's that old compromisin', enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing,
    Right on Maude.


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