Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Delusional, magical thinking and poodles... in urban myth.

I just came online to do some research - I needed photos of a couple of Catholic 'personalities' for my 'campy' painting.

Quick notes since I'm here...

This is so stupid - "Devil in the details" - restorers actually believing that Giotto, or one of his students painted the face of the devil in the clouds of a fresco.  Remember the guy who made a film about the San Damiano crucifix with the embedded penis?  Yeah, Michael Calaci and The Rape of the Soul.  Geesh!  People who think abstract expressionism is evil are willing to give their personal impressions credit when it comes to medieval and renaissance painting... and they make up all kinds of stories to support their 21st century POV. 
I use the term eidolon for this type of image these folks claim exist or were intentionally worked in to a composition.  Eidolon means 'an unsubstantial image: phantom'. popular culture has trademarked the term for other purposes, while Carl Sagan employed another similar term for such imaginary images: paeidolia. - Abbey Roads post: The Evil of Abstract Expresionism

Opinion page:  I believer Herman Cain's accusers BTW.  No big deal, really - if Cain hadn't lied about it.  It's the lying that gets me.

Church talk:  I do not know what the big deal is about the new changes in the liturgy - they are barely even noticeable, BUT - if my parish is any indication, the hymns and the music will continue to be sappy, sentimental, ass-slapping crap.  Oh, and there should never ever be special Eucharistic prayers for children - IMO that is.  Kids know the difference between disciples and friends.

Gotta run.


  1. I will believe Herman Cain's accusers when there is proof. I don't believe it yet, but I am prepared to believe it ... it's not totally beyond the pale.

    That said, did you see the article by Newt Gingrich's daughter about the whole "serving divorce papers while his wife was in the hospital" thing? Turns out it's not at all true. Whatever else Gingrich has against him, it's entirely unfair to keep repeating that story.

  2. Btw, about the music: my parish already has a new, crappy musical setting for the words. It's annoying because even then, the syllables do not fit and the sentences are awkwardly broken in order to accomodate the tune.

    I find it funny when the priest sings the Mass, following the haunting, ancient musical forms (even in English) of course, but then the musical director or whatever will come in singing "Hosana" or "Amen" or "Lamb of God" with some showtune that does anything but evoke reverence and mystery.

    And speaking of "Lamb of God", why do so many parishes insist on changing the words to that?

  3. "People who think abstract expressionism is evil are willing to give their personal impressions credit when it comes to medieval and renaissance painting... and they make up all kinds of stories to support their 21st century POV."

    Terry, you nailed it. I heart you.

    I too thought that Giotto story ridiculous.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. I was also disappointed in the new melodies/hymns--same ol' Mass muzgak we've been doing. I was really hoping for an improvement in this department.

  5. Magical thinking ... the other day I got into a conversation with an older person who truly believed in fairies, and why the truth about them has been suppressed. This individual was delighted to let me know of an author who has collected images and stories about them ... the person saw the book ... so it is true .... It was a very curious conversation, sort a like looking at abstract expressionism as art and giving it higher meaning .... just kidding ...

    Mercury on Newt... know exactly what you are saying and agree. The impression I had been left from all the media during that time was he went to a dying wife and asked for a divorce. End of story .... NOT.

    The propaganda machine is amazingly powerful...

  6. I can't get the hang of the new Gloria at all. :(
    The tune is neither here nor there and I can't read music at all. Here's another one I'll have to fake singing. Bleh.

  7. I would LUV to write a "New Gloria for Two Electric Guitars, Electric Bass and Marshall Stack."

    Now before everyone gets their panties in a wad..

    One of my guitar god friends has an electronics effects pedal that makes the electric guitar sound very close to an electric organ...the type of organ that smaller churches have that don't have pipe organs..and going through the Marshall stack is impressive :) We tried Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Halloween Sunday and about blew out the living room windows :) Way cool :)

    But I think I might get excommunicated if I tried it :)


  8. This is the finest bunch of comments in a long time - thanks guys - how civil! I like it.

  9. Mercury, after having endured a Mass with Lamb of God, Bread of Life, Lamb of God and feeling cheated because I was short a Lamb of God, I spoke with the Director of the Department of Faith in my Archdiocese, and asked if that's permitted. It turns out that changing the middle one is permitted, although neither of us understands why anyone would do so.

    I just got home from more Mass lessons; this time we practiced the new music. To reduce our trauma, we're keeping our current Gloria for a few more months but it's Latin.

    We're told that among the 60 parishes that have responded to a survey, there are 35 Mass settings used; however, for Archdiocesan Masses, such as the Chrism Mass, a certain Gloria, etc. will be imposed. They also predict that the number of Mass settings will be reduced over time.

  10. And Terry, it's always about the Poodle, isn't it?

  11. - In the painting it looked like a face to me. I thought it looked mostly like Bob Hope and if you look closely you can see the angels laughing at one of his jokes.

    - I don't believe Herman Cain's accusers. I think they're liars. I don't believe in Herman Cain either, however, I do love Herman Munster and I'd vote for him in a heartbeat!

    - I think children should be trained to participate in a Mass celebration as if it were something you would want them to do for the rest of their lives. If it's watered down for their benefit then they learn that it's not something they have to reach out for- no real spiritual stretch on their part. Children need to be taught to flex their spiritual muscles.

    - As far as poodles are concerned.. I hate them.

    - Liturgy changes? People aren't happy unless they're unhappy about something. (I know, I work with church people.)

    - I've never seen any ass-slapping at Mass, though I've slapped a few in the parking lot after mass.

    - PTO is too much. Anybody miss me yet?!

  12. Sarah--You would be!

    Terry--Dead on target on your Church talk, esp. regarding the Canons for Kiddies.

  13. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Only someone who was deranged or dishonest enough to appreciate abstract expressionism would try to compare those exhibitionists and frauds with the piety of the Medieval masters.

  14. Hi Anonymous - you would know. I know who you are BTW.