Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SS Peter and Paul

I've never had a particular devotion to these saints in the sense that I do for particular personal patron saints, although I have a great devotion to their Letters.  Perhaps the times warrant a more intense devotion to these fathers in the faith.  They are frequently depicted in art appearing to various saints.  I believe Catherine of Sienna was especially devoted to them as well.  How much we need them today!

Art:  Fra Angelico, Apparition of St.s Peter and Paul to St. Dominic


  1. Aceman9:53 AM

    Happy Feast Terry! Did you know that today's feast is so important in the East that it even has it's own "Lent?" The Peter and Paul Fast begins the Monday after the Feast of All Saints (in the East All Saints is celebrated the Sunday after Pentecost) and lasts until June 28. Since it's based on the movable date of Pentecost, it can be as long as 23 days or as short as 7 days.

  2. I love the ascesis of the Orthodox.

  3. Good news!! I got my annual performance appraisal at work today and got outstanding scores!! That translates into a nice raise this October and probable promotion!! the great inspections I had these past few months helped alot.

    thanks be to God, and thanks to everyone for their prayers for me these past few stressful months :)



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