Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corapi, John

Buzz on a famous Sacramento priest.
See how much better he looks when he doesn't dye his beard and get himself so tanned up?  He looks great in civvies too - and he looks much more rested.  I want to read his autobiography when it comes out.  (I smell a movie-script here too.)  I'm hoping he reveals who the starlet was he had with him in the fancy sportscar drive to Vegas.  I keep thinking it could have been Tatum O'Neil - although maybe she was too young at the time - additionally, she could have been too wasted to remember.
Anyway - the first secular press mention of the lawsuit against his whistle blower that I have encountered has come to light today - making it a 'public' issue now, and not just a 'private' ho-hum mind-your-own-business Catholic priest scandal.  It's 'civil' now, man.  I wish it could get on Judge Judy.
Here's the deal from The Sacramento Bee:
A former Sacramento priest and nationally known speaker has filed a lawsuit against the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct.
The Rev. John Corapi, who served as the director of Catholic Faith Formation in Sacramento in the 1990s, filed a lawsuit in the 11th Judicial District Court of Montana, where he now lives. He alleges that his accuser committed libel and that a letter she wrote to his religious superiors contained "numerous false, malicious and unprivileged statements" about the priest. He is suing for punitive and unspecified compensatory damages.
In the lawsuit, Corapi said the success of his ministry depends on his reputation and his position of a priest in good standing.  Read more:
Works for me.
For a synopsis of what's been happening regarding the Corapi affair I've found Diane's reporting at Te Deum to be helpful - she also has an amazing photo of Fr. Corapi at the top of the post.  The Anchoress has her good objective commentary as well. 
The Black SheepDog website hasn't been updated for awhile.  I'm thinking TMZ might get a hold of the story pretty soon and we'll maybe get better coverage.  I'd love to see photos of the ranch.  What?

UPDATE:  1 July - there has been an update.  A patriotic update no less.  Black SheepDog


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Good to see him looking so well. He has my prayers.

  2. There was nothing either "objective" or "good" about Scalia's commentary (IMO)

  3. Priest's Housekeepr - he has mine too - seriously. And he does look good - this photo in particular looks rather saintly.

    Adrienne - Omigosh - Judge Scalia ruled on this too?

  4. The Anchoress has her good objective commentary as well.

    Was this intended as a serious statement, Terry?

  5. Terry: Just so you are thinking that I was asking this question w/ a tone of "snark", this really was a serious question. Sometimes, there is irony in your remarks and I miss them.

  6. Ellen3:59 PM

    Problem one being that Corapi was not director of Catholic Formation for the Diocese of Sacramento. Ever.

  7. Maria - i know - no one ever knows if I'm being sarcastic or not lately. But I really do enjoy the Anchoress - she strikes me as well balanced and even handed. I don't always agree with her of course,but neither do I read her all of the time. She's just another person with an opinion to me.

    Ellen - thanks for clarifying that - it was the first I'd ever heard of it as well.

  8. Terry: Thanks for helping me better understand. I think that, at this point, she is more than just another opinion given her readership. My lowly opinion is that she saddles a mighty high horse. A man is a priest forever. Where is the charity that should be accorded Fr. Corapi? I think that deriding him and ridiculing him enobles no one and I place myself at the top of the list. I was fast out of the gate to criticize him. I was wrong. Fr. Gerald Fitzgerald has some helpful adivce:

    Caring for Priests
    (Biography: Father Gerald Fitzgerald)
    by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

    "Let us step up to a priest quietly and without ostentation but effectively, even as St. Camillus de Lellis bent over his poor wretched fever victims and whispered: "Lord Jesus, what can I do for you?".

    Bend over these priests, humbly, eagerly, patiently and lift the cross. Try to lift it at least. The figure is very perfect because Simon of Cyrene only helped Our Lord to carry the Cross; he didn't carry it entirely. He helped Our Lord to carry it, and all we can do for any of our fellow beings, is help them. A priest is another Christ. These priests are going by, weak, at times beaten down. They have to be helped. We can't take the cross away from them but we can help them carry it. (C-55, 56).

    To keep this inspiration alive in their minds, Father Gerald gave the Paracletes the following as a "guiding principle or maxim": Every priest is my brother. Let us deal as patiently, as tenderly, as consistently in perseverance with a priest as if he were our own brother. After all every priest is our brother because we are of the Blood of Jesus Christ. We have been dominated by the infusion of the Precious Blood." (C-60).

    Ms. Scalia might also wish to reconsider her opinion.

  9. Ms. Te Deum might also join Ms. Scalia.

  10. In this post I am focusing upon the public persona that Fr. Corapi talks about and has promoted all through out his entire evangelistic career. And now while the show is on hiatus, he has chosen to bring it to the attention of the public via his civil case and the other public statements he has made on his website. And don't forget, he is after all publishing an autobiography. I've said the exact same things and expressed the exact same interest in who was in the car, why he dyed his beard, if he was so famous why doesn't anyone else talk about it, and so on, long before all of this crap hit the fan.

    I'm not judging the state of his soul nor the grace of his priesthood or what he chooses to do about that - he can take it or leave it if he wants. Many priests have simply left - he says he's staying a priest - so that's his deal.

    This post is certainly not making fun of him. I genuinely think he looks great and I'm happy that a man of a his age chose to give up cosmetics and be himself - in more ways than one.

    Just keep in mind that he is the person who made all of this public in the first place, he announced the proceedings against him and has made public every one of his actions since then.

    It's not that different from the Charlie Sheen show.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Guys
    I'm pretty sure that photo isn't recent.
    It looks to me as though the Sacramento Bee just used a library image.
    It would be great if he returned to his former, more natural appearance.
    When he went Fu Manchu I was stunned.
    If Mother Angelica had had a boob job and botox I couldn't have been more shocked.

  13. Pray that more Priests do not become fodder for the gossip of women, and men that act like women.

    Satan is a trinket salesman, and is using this foolishness to distract the Faithful.

    Even the SSPX American web site has joined the gossip.


  14. Satan is a trinket salesman, and is using this foolishness to distract the Faithful.

    Miguel: Right,as always. I was saying a rosary for a certain somebody and whle mediating on Christ's death on the Cross I thought: for all those who love Christ, we always end up at the foot of the Cross. We are all there w/ him in this, regardless of what side anyone is on...

  15. Miss Maria,

    God bless you.

    Pray for souls, and cry alot if you are able to. God is moved to swift action by the tears of women.

    God is restraining us men at the moment for when He wills us to move.

    Prayers with the weeping of women is what is needed.

    Jesus cried at the gates of Jerusalem becaused He wished to gather the Jews as a mother hen gathers her chicks.

    Pray He gather us.

    I believe with all my heart and soul I will come up short in the balance, but I pray His mommie keeps the soft spot she has in her heart for me.


  16. I believe with all my heart and soul I will come up short in the balance, but I pray His mommie keeps the soft spot she has in her heart for me.

    Sorry, Michael, but I called dibs on that soft spot a long long time ago. ;-)

  17. San Miguel - I thought you were SSPX?

  18. I didn't read his new post yet, I skipped straight to the comments.

    A recent one says this
    "Our Lady is wearing her army boots and will kick the perpetrator in the pants."

    I just can't see my mama wearing combat boots actually.

    I'm a bit fascinated by those who remain his devoted fans. I left a comment on another blog, a very mild one, but I referred to the appearance change as being a red flag that something was adrift with Fr.
    I got an anonymous comment on my blog quoting me and telling me to "go to hell".
    His fans are pretty defensive.

  19. I always thought the 'starlet' was either Susan Sarandon or Beverly DeAngelo.

    It doesn't matter...

    I hope and pray for Fr. Corapi.

  20. Clare: This is not the way...

  21. I'd like to see some "womanly tears" for clerics who aren't the lovechild of Ayn Rand and Benny Hinn.

    Or, as Justin Timberlake so eloquently expressed, "Cry me a river."

    Terry likes pop culture references. Score one for the sodomite, eh Maria?

  22. Lola - I can't really see Sarandon. I thought it had to be a druggie. I wonder if he will tell?

    Clare - I read that comment as well.

  23. Maria
    "Clare: This is not the way..."

    What's not the way where?

  24. I don't think he had a famous actress in his car at all.
    I think that was just grandiose ideation.
    When you're tripping a toothless, bald hag can be Marilyn Monroe.
    Or he might have cynically embellished the actualite for a more punchy testimony.
    The "famous actress" in his car may have been an extra from a crowd scene in Happy Days.
    Where are the people who knew him in his former life?
    As his profile grew surely some of them were surprised to see their old pal now cleaned up and preaching to millions.
    How come none have stepped forward?
    Are there no fellow debauchees who have confirmed his story?
    Or are they all dead like his old regiment that went to 'Nam?

  25. Clare - I wonder the same thing.

  26. “…San Miguel - I thought you were SSPX?...”

    I am a Cristero, with ties directly to Tepeyac Hill, in Mexico City.

    My web site, which features sermons, conferences, and catechisms given by SSPX Priests, is the result of fighting the whitened sepulchers of that Society.

    They are some of the meanest spirited people I have run across.

    There are many righteous, holy people in the SSPX; there are those (a small group) in positions of wealth or authority however, that abuse the graces God has given to that Society. I have named them the whitened sepulchers.

    They savagely attack holy Priests and laypeople that do not bow before them.

    The Holy Priests that are being beaten down in the SSPX, also including Bishop Richard Williamson, are evolving into a new order.

    When God withdraws His graces from the SSPX, they will be like the Jews.

    The new Society, formed by Christ, will then have the graces the SSPX abused.

    I wish the SSPX well in all their endeavors, and should they ever require my assistance, they will have it.

    It is my duty as a Cristero to protect and defend the Priesthood with my blood and with my soul if need be.

    Thinking of my web site, I am very pleased our Mother accepted the flowers we placed at her feet; my web site is dedicated to her.

    From the day we launched it, many people from all around the world have visited, and downloaded many of the sermons and rosaries.

    As your question demonstrates, many think it is an SSPX site.

    It is not.

    In the Bishop Fellay regime, I am persona non grata.


  27. Good to know! I should post on the Cristeros - many Americans do not understand the fight against Masonry and the suffering inflicted upon the Mexican Church from the 20th century to today. Pray for me Pablo.

  28. Mr. Nelson,

    You and you bloglodites are always included in my prayers.

    I look forward to your Cristero article.

    Any info I can provide, I gladly will.

    Viva Cristo rey!


  29. Topherdone7:21 PM

    SMCTOD - I just checked out one of your blogs after reading your comment, "The Holy Priests that are being beaten down in the SSPX, also including Bishop Richard Williamson, are evolving into a new order."

    Having never heard of Bishop Williamson, I wasn't sure what I would find. Wow, not quite what I was expecting. A few choice quotes:

    "We have a darkness that is crowding our entire world: it is the darkness of the Jew"

    "Then came a Jewish desire to once again kill Christ. As they killed Him in His physical body, they wanted to also kill Him in His Mystical Body. How could this be accomplished? First they had to gain the financial power. They took over the financial power by establishing the Banking System, using our own funds to do their dirty work. After establishing their financial power, the Jews set off to establish Political Power. They established the Masonic Lodges. The Masonic Lodges are the political right hand of the Jew."

    "The Jew formed the Russian Revolution and the Communists."

    Seriously? Or is this a joke that I am somehow not getting?

  30. Dear Mr. or Miss Topherdone,

    The statements are factual.

    It is my opinion there will be a new society of Priests that will keep the Deposit of the Faith.

    This will be as a result of the SSPX abusing the graces that God has granted it.

    It is sad that many Catholics do not know there is evil in this world, they only know there is someone called the Devil.

    Satan is able to move about and assemble his plan for destroying souls and the Kingdom of Christ easily because of the extreme ignorance of Catholics.

    I encourage you to listen to a few of the sermons on my web site.

    They are very educational.

    Please pray for the Priests and Nuns at my site; also for Sister Pili, who does not appear there.

    This blog of Mr. Nelson is very informational. I encourage you to keep your computer tuned to this channel.



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