Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Homeless saints.
I need a change of scenery.  I've got to finish doing the period pieces I'm working on for the tabernacle frames and do something less disciplined.  I am finishing up my patron, Peter of Verona right now - though it is small, I think I'm treating it too preciously.  I want to do something else.  I came across this wonderful work by a street artist, Gabriel Reese, a portrait he painted and mounted on the boarded facade of a building.
The artwork was installed by artist Gabriel Reese, known better in street-art circles by the name Specter. Mr. Reese said he based the portrait on Billy Bobby, a homeless man he met and spent time with in Soho. It’s the second installation in a series called “If I saw you in heaven” that Mr. Reese said will eventually feature two more romanticized depictions of homeless people he has encountered in the city. “On earth these people are on the same plane as you, we just choose to ignore them,” he said. “That’s why I make them godly.” - Story here
His Billy Bobby reminds me of St. Alexis.  The homeless St. Alexis at once exemplifies for me - on the one hand the Scriptural passage, "let the dead bury their dead", while on the other hand, "Go back home and recount all that God has done for you." [Luke 8:39] 


  1. Quite impressive. And not only in the aesthetics but more so on the story behind the art. Hope to see more ordinary saints.

  2. I like Specter's work

  3. Rosary - I came upon him by chance.

    Hi Cath - I'm glad you like it too. I miss you!

  4. Good luck with your painting!! Can't wait to see it!!

    Also LUV the street art..a couple of weekends ago there were sidewalk chalk artists in Salt Lake City..lovely works of arts to be muddled and washed away in a dy or so by springs rains..

    I'm taking a "lazy" day myself today.on my way to Mass this morning heard Bruno Mars' "Lazy Day " song on the radio..that is me today!! Sit on the patio, sip ice tea, watch the birds..I needed this.

    Shadowlands--when does your new job start??



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