Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Honoring the dead.
Our country comes together this day to honor the fallen, the soldiers who gave everything in defense of our nation, not unaware of their comrades in arms, who continue to sacrifice their lives in defense of freedom.  In time of war, every day is some one's memorial day.  We honor those soldiers who died with our respect, gratitude and memorials, yet more deeply, we honor the dead most with our prayers and lives of integrity, striving to live up to the principles and ideals this nation is founded upon.  In honoring the fallen we show our support and solidarity with the troops who continue to serve our country - especially those most in harms way.
Though Americans celebrate this day with celebrations, parades, BBQ, fireworks and other festivities, it remains a somber day in many ways, since we are still at war; in fact, for most of my life this country has been engaged in one war or another, some peace-keeping mission or just the rebuilding of our former enemies countries, destroyed by war.  It is a sobering reminder.  War destroys families and nations.  As Our Lady of Fatima said, "War is a punishment for sin."  Several Popes have pleaded, "No more war!"  perhaps it would be better to say, "Repent!  Do penance and sin no more!"
Finally, war destroys families.  The bigger the war, the greater the devastation.  It takes moms and dads away from little kids.  Husbands and wives away from their spouses.  Sons and daughters away from their parents.  It not only kills and maims real men and women, it devastates the entire fabric of societies and culture.  War has its consequences.  Might doesn't make right.
In memoriam, prayers for all of the fallen and their loved ones.  Thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country at such great cost.  May we not only bury the dead, but honor them nobly and soberly, and hold their memorial dear - never forgetting them.  We can do this by supporting those who return, those who survived combat - I'm pretty sure we owe them a living.   


  1. Very nice tribute..thank you Mr Terry..

    cold and stormy bbq tonight...although most of the snow is gone.


  2. If one more person (or ad) wished me a "Happy Memorial Day" I was going to lose it.

    Perhaps we should call it "Remembrance Day" like other countries - apparently "memorial" is a concept most Americans just can't seem to associate with "somber."

    Seriously, folks. It's a day for the dead.

  3. Chris in Maryland7:44 PM

    Thanks for the beautiful tribute to these heroes, living and dead, who stand up and fight against evil for our sake. How sobering to think, that just 10 years ago when this latest round of war began, so many of them were children. May God give us the grace to honor them with our lives.


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