Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to do for Earth Day this year?

Are you perplexed too?
I can't believe it is almost here!  This year the children and I will be coloring Earth Eggs!  I know.  What a cosmic convergence of events!  The perfect syncretization of Earth Day, Passover, and Easter.  (There is still time to tell your pastor so your weekend Spring services can be inclusive of Earth Day!)  Here are the instructions for coloring your Earth Eggs.  (And a beautiful song suggestion for your at home or church and synagogue services: Earth Angel.)
What you will need:

•hard boiled eggs

•blue, green and yellow food coloring

•vegetable oil

•white vinegar


•coffee mugs or other containers

•3 spoons

•paper towels

•newspaper or a plastic disposable tablecloth

1.Put one tablespoon of oil and one tablespoon of vinegar in each coffee mug. In one mug, add a teaspoon of blue food coloring. In another add a teaspoon of green, and in the third add a teaspoon of yellow. Add water to each cup to make them 3/4 full. This allows room for adding the egg so that it will not overflow.

2.Cover work surface with tablecloth or newspaper. Lay out some paper towels to lay wet eggs on to dry. Place a spoon in each mug of food coloring mixture.

3.Hold egg in one hand at the ready. Choose a color, then stir the mixture with the spoon to create a whirlpool type motion. Once swirling, quickly lift the spoon out of the mixture and place the egg on the spoon. Dip immediately into the mixture, holding in the mixture for only a few seconds, then remove. Place on a paper towel. Repeat this process for each egg.

4.Once all eggs have been dipped in the blue mixture, move on to the green. Start with the egg you did first and repeat the process as above with green mixture. Again, lay on paper towels until done with all eggs.

5.At this point, you may choose to add more green or blue to individual eggs depending on how they look. Repeat with yellow if you desire. We did yellow on some but not all.

6.Carefully dry all eggs with paper towels, the oil makes them slippery! The oil will also give them a nice shiny coating.

These Earth Day eggs are a beautiful way to make your kids aware of Earth Day while preparing them for Easter (if you celebrate it). - Eco-friendly Crafts



  1. For a few minutes I thought Larry D's arch-nemesis Sr. Patricia had hijacked your blog!

  2. Those are actually cool looking Easter eggs... will have to give them a try...

    Another topic--cape watch. Fr Erik had on his red cape this morning for Palm Sunday...unfortunately I did not have my camera for this historic event. Nothing like Palm Sunday processional in the pouring down rain. We really need cape-train bearers to keep the lovely cape from dragging in the water..

    With all the rain heading our way plus snow in the mountains Utah will be under water this year..California/ Arizona..lets sit down and talk about how much OUR water will cost YOU this year?? We do have plenty to share, at a reasonable price.. :) After all we do need to build new schools :)

    My beloved alma mater state university is having finals this week and graduation on Good Friday...nothing like separation of church and state..the ultimate mortal sin is that graduation is at 8 AM IN THE MORNING...really great that you will have to rouse your guests weary from travel to attend a graduation at an ungodly hour in the morning..not to mention th efact that poor students are eweary from finals..they deserve a bit of a sleep in. My graduation 9 years ago was at 11 am..much more reasonable :)

    Rant mode off.... Sara

    Please pray for my dear kitty Cuolomb..he is having massive tummy troubles..he may have ulcers.

  3. Can we come color eggs with you, Mr. Terry?:)

  4. What if I put a teaspoon of blue foodcoloring in one mug, a teaspoon of yellow in another but put half a teaspoon each of blue and yellow in the third?

    Should I use my own mugs or buy three from the thrift store in case of stains?

    Will the priest bless these eggs or will I need a second set of real Easter eggs for that?

  5. Nan, no need for real priests. The womyn priestesses can take care of all your blessing the Easter egg baskets needs.

    Angela: Sr. Patricia is busy with musical arrangement. See next post.
    Sara: I have decided you are too weather challenged and need to move to Florida. lol.

    Padre: I'd rather dye eggs w/ Terry in the twin cities than go to Rome with Elizabeth Scalia for the "blog Conference", wouldn't you?

  6. Marie-- I'm a born and bred California girl in exile..what I would give to be able to go back to The Golden State...but I'd settle for Florida :) Just have to remember to check the swimming pool for gators before I jump in..

    So we're having an Easter egg coloring party at Terry's house?? I'll bring the tequila :)


  7. Sara: California? No wonder weather dogs you so. Can you imagine Tequila, Terry and all us mad Catholics. Oh my!

  8. Citizen Sus Moon11:43 PM

    ... coming to a retreat house near you ...

    In Collaboration with Citizens for Energy Awareness: Pathways Into the Future
    A Mini-Film Festival Focusing on

    Sustainability and Hope
    Sustaining Ourselves & Deepening Our Creative Responses to Climate Change with Kaia Svien

    Full Moon Labyrinth Walk
    Join us to explore sustainable ways to shape an open-hearted response to climate change.

  9. Terry stole my idea. Bad bad Terry.

  10. Free coffee on Earth Day!


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