Thursday, April 21, 2011

No sacraments during the Triduum?

Oh!  Oh!  And no foot washing for women?
Some priests - like my pastor - claim no sacraments may be celebrated during the Triduum - which is short hand for no confessions after Wednesday of Holy Week - but some priests do hear confessions through Holy Saturday - because they can.
Some priests wash women's feet on Holy Thursday, some don't. 

So why the discrepency?  Why the arguments about this stuff?  Why does this stuff vary from parish to parish, diocese to diocese?  Just thought I'd ask.  


  1. Just offer it up, offer it up, offer it up.....

  2. Only men's feet are supposed to be washed, in keeping with the image of what the action represents. The Latin says "viri."

    Why such variation around the map? I would say for a variety of reasons. Most don't care. The ones who do care but equivocate do so mostly out of the fear of offending someone or being attacked. The rest, to borrow a phrase, "say the black and do the red." LOL

  3. A Random Friar7:49 AM

    Re: Sacraments during the Triduum. There was a clarification from Rome about this. The GIRM text was a bit vague. The revision and clarification state that no Sacraments except for Penance and Anointing of the Sick (in addition to, of course, the Eucharist during the Triduum liturgies). Some are still working under the old and erroneous interpretation.

    Re: Washing of the Feet. The GIRM says "viri selecti." Which can only mean males. Further clarifications have confirmed this. Supposedly, Cardinal O'Malley of Boston got permission from Rome to wash the feet of women (but even if it did, it would not give the right to others). Many people don't know that the Washing of the Feet is optional. I am more leaning to getting rid of it.

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I have always disagreed with the policy of no Confession during the just seems a contradiction, when the Heart of Mercy is openned, then to deny entry to anyone who may need to approach the Heart.

  5. No comment (which, I guess is a comment.)

  6. A Random Friar10:47 AM

    Anonymous: I agree entirely. I cannot blame the people who thought that Penance and Anointing should not be done during the Triduum, considering the wording.

  7. Our priest will be in the Confessional after everyone leaves the church proper tonight. He will stay until midnight. Anyone else needing the Sacrament need only phone him to make arrangements although he has offered many extra hours this past week plus a inviting two other priests to our parish last week to hear Lenten confessions.

  8. You know a guy I know who like me is Orthodox, and who sings for a Catholic parish in your neck of the woods asked your Archbishop that same question. His answer, "'s... a matter of interpretation."

    You'll never see Orthodox priests washing the feet women and children feet, at least you aren't supposed to.

  9. Asked the Archbishop in Terry's neck of the woods? And got a wishy-washy response? From the current Abp? Impossible!!!!

  10. truth be told, i'm soooo sick & tired of variances from parish to parish. in my parish, the priests actually come out into the pews to wash men and women's feet at different places. during the saturday vigil, our liturgist / choir master plays sound effects to go with the readings; for instance, whooosh sounds to mimic the sound of the Spirit moving over the face of the waters. *sigh* praise God for His mercy, i'm so judgmental.

  11. michael r.3:36 PM

    Like the sound effects idea! Maybe Terry will be able to figure out how to enscript some into his posts!

    Last year, at my cathedral, the newly installed "conservative" archbishop did the same as his predecessors always did. He came down and washed men, women & childrens feet. Personally, I don't have a problem with it; but I find it interesting that many of his buddies do. I have ugly feet, so I always show up a little late, so as not to get volunteered. I don't want to cause a scene.

    Last photo is one of my all-time favorites!

  12. When you do not stand in the Truth, you fall for anything.

    Christ neither preached nor practiced novelty.

    When I saw our Pastor chase the men and boys from the Sacristy and let women burn their veils and dresses and start preaching, and manhandling Christ as 'Eucharistic Ministers', I knew we we headed to Hell fast.

    Forty plus tears later, the train wreck is still going on.

    Thank God one Archbishop kept the Faith; in the True Mass and Sacraments the Truth is the same all over the world, and the way the Priests and Religious behave needs no translation.

    Make a promise to our Divine Master this Lenten Season:

    I will sit in the pews and behave. I will let the Priests do their job, and will not voice my opinion.

    I will not teach catechism; I will tell the Padre that's his job.

    I will pray for the Holy Father.


  13. When I saw our Pastor chase the men and boys from the Sacristy and let women burn their veils and dresses and start preaching, and manhandling Christ as 'Eucharistic Ministers', I knew we we headed to Hell fast.
    LOL!!!!!!God love you, Migeul, you do have a way with words...

  14. 4mercy8:21 AM

    I have heard that Jesus washing the feet of His Disciples is a fulfillment of Moses giving Aaron a ceremonial bath to sanctify him as a priest. Jesus then instituted the priesthood on Holy Thursday and the purification of the disciples was a part of it. So, no women are supposed to be chosen (no women priests.)
    Frankly, I wish the whole foot washing thing was skipped - the whole focus of the Mass is switched from the institition of the priesthood and the Blessed Sacrament to foot washing!

  15. Miss Maria,

    I was dead serious when I made those comments...

    I had just started my family when the Freemasonic hi-jacking of the Second Vatican Council happened.

    I married my wife with the full intent of having as many children as God would allow, and we wanted to catechize them and provide a generic inculcation that hopefully would lead to vocations in our family.

    The Novus Ordo killed the vocations God intended for my family and millions of others.

    We need to look at where we came from and where we are now; we are no longer Catholic.

    Worst of all, we are not pleasing to God.



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