Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for those suffering the effects of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan and elsewhere.

Prayer in time of earthquake.
God our Father,You set the earth on its foundation.Keep us safe from the danger of earthquakes
and let us always feel the presence of your love. May we be secure in your protection and serve you with grateful hearts.We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.
-Roman Missal, Prayer in Time of Earthquake


LITANY OF SAINTS, including saints who survived and ministered after earthquakes.

Our Lady of Comfort Pray for us. (her title as regards protection from and recovery from earthquakes)

St. Michael Pray for us.

St. Joseph Pray for us.

Holy Angel of the Resurrection Pray for us.

St. John the Baptist Pray for us.

St. John the Evangelist Pray for us.

St. Paul Pray for us.

St. Patrick Pray for us.

St. Therese of Lisieux Pray for us.

St. Agatha Pray for us.

Saint Felix of Brescia Pray for us.

Saint Caesarius of Nazianzen (converted by an earthquake) Pray for us.

Saint Eustochia Calafato Pray for us.

Blessed Luigi Orione  (helper of earthquake victims, Tortona, Italy) Pray for us.

Saint Antoninus Pray for us.

Saint Mamertus Pray for us.

Saint Mariana de Paredes Pray for us.

Blessed Maria Schinina Pray for us.

St. Emydius Pray for us.

St. Rose Pray for us.

St. Toribio Pray for us.

Saint Francis Borgia Pray for us.

Saint Gregory Thaumaturgos Pray for us.

Name other Saints Pray for us.

All holy men and women Pray for us.

Lord, be merciful Lord, save your people.

By your calming of the storm Lord, save your people.

By your death and rising Lord, save your people.

By your gift of the Holy Spirit Lord, save your people.

Bless all those caring for the sick and homeless,

Lord, hear our prayer.

Bless all public servants rebuilding that which has been destroyed,

Lord, hear our prayer.

Christ, hear us
Lord Jesus, hear our prayer - Source

Sacred Heart of Jesus we place all of our trust in you!


Go to confession!


  1. I spent hours reading about Fatima last night. Hours. Your suggestion that we go to Confession is well advised. Mater Dei miserere nobis...

  2. Hey Maria! I'm still around (thanks for missing me!).
    The message of Our Lady of Akita seems to be happening before us.
    Repent (confession), pray (esp. the Rosary), and be prepared.
    Hi to you, too, Terry! Your posts have been great.

  3. Father! I missed you sooooooooooooo much! United in prayer as always!

  4. Hey Father!! So glad to see you back!! Hope all is well.



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