Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese earthquake and tsunami.


Praying for the intercession of all the Japanese martyrs to come to the aid of their people in these calamitous times.
For the living and the dead...
Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord,
Lord hear my voice!
O let your ears be attentive to my pleading.

If you O Lord should mark our guilt,
Lord who would survive?
But with you is found forgiveness;
for this we revere you.... - Ps. 129

Our Lady of Akita , pray for us.
All you holy martyrs of Japan, pray for us.

Let God arise, let his foes be scattered.
Let those who hate him flee before him. - Ps. 67
Save me O God,
for the waters have risen to my neck...
Let those who hope in you not be put to shame...
let not those who seek you be dismayed...
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.
Our Lady of Akita
Japanese Martyrs


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM


    Praying with you and everyone throughout the world.

    Patricia Gonzalez

  2. The Kanji characters of the image do not say Our Lady of Akita. But maybe you know already!

  3. Thanks Brother - I just used a more traditional Japanese representation of the Madonna because I'm not fond of the Akita image.

  4. Anonymous3:56 AM

    The image of the third is not Our Lady of Akita .It is certainly Chinese.


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