Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Filipino Bishops tell homosexuals, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"

I don't dare editorialize this one...
I know there may be some cultural differences, but... 
Well, like I said, I'm not going to editorialize this one - yet.  But let me tell you this - I have very little confidence in Catholic bishops lately, much less their national conferences - no matter what country they are from.
MANILA, March 1, 2011— Roman Catholic Church officials called on homosexual individuals to “come out in the open” saying it would take a load off their minds.

At least two Catholic bishops expressed their desire on Tuesday for homosexuals to go public over their sexuality because there is nothing to be ashamed of.
According to him, he also has no problem with men dressed as women.

“It’s okay. We don’t know their motive but they dress as a boy or as a girl and that is all that he does, I don’t see problem with that,” Cruz said. - Bishops Urge Homosexuals:  Be not afraid!
What do you want to bet Archbishop Cruz is a big fan of Glee?
Oh!  Oh!  Spanking is against Catholic teaching now.  Who knew? “I do not believe the teachings of the Catholic Church as we interpret them in 2011 condone corporal punishment..."  Archbishop Aymond

***Disclaimer:  No.  I am not apologizing for this one.
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  1. Wait!

    Let me guess!

    This is a Novus Ordo Bishop.

    What do I win?


  2. There are four rock-solid Bishops in the world.

    Can you guess who those are?

    Their initials are S-S-P-X.

    (My apoligies to those faithful Bishops in hiding).

    I am not a member of the SSPX.

    As a Cristero, we love Archbishop Lefebvre.

    May God have mercy on his soul.


  3. Hey terry although the Filipino Catholic Bishops condemning these people doesn't mean they are not following church teaching. As it is said in the article, they are AGAINST homosexual acts, they would not tolerate it, however they do accept people for who they are and don't rashly condemn their identities as people. They won't tolerate homosexuality I could tell you that, but they would accept this people for counseling and proper guidance and advice on how to live Good catholic lives while having SSAs...

    And our Bishops need a lot of support right now. If you are quite aware of what is happening in the Philippines, the Bishops are speaking out against contraception BOLDLY and LOUDLY as a conference. I hope you would take some time to read more about how the Bishops even threated CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE just to be faithful to Church teaching on contraception. They speak against this...I hope yo would take some time to evaluate them on their actions and balance your accusations against them, don't label them because of their seemingly or even wrong statements but they do get it right most of the time...

    thanks God Bless


    although I found the statement in the article quite funny where he doesn't tolerate homosexual acts but sees no problem in cross dressers, point one for you terry xD

  4. dabsq - thanks for taking this so well. I really do think things get lost in translation and/or when attention is focused uponone or two pull quotes or sound bites. I am aware of the bishops speaking out against contraception as well.

    There is a move in this country urging ssa individuals who live in accord with Church teaching to come out as an example to others, perhaps that is more what the bishops were addressing. The jury is still out on the idea that people were 'born this way'. Perhaps Cruz is a fan of Lady Gaga too? (Kidding)

    I may be wrong, but cross dressing is viewed differently in Philippines than it is in the US, isn't it?

  5. Thanks for the awesome response,

    Uhh, as far as I know yeah, the teaching that gays were born gays are being accepted widely within the Catholic Church in the Philippines. It doesn't agree on their homosexual relationships and acts, but majority of its accepts that kind of teaching where gays are born gays...

    Ah Bishop cruz, one of yeah well our Outspoken bishops here, sometimes I would just want him to stay quiet because he really is very noisy even in Political issues wherein the Church doesn't have to be meddled into...

    In the Philippines when you cross dress, you are seen as Gay. It's like you are not gay if you don't cross dress, I think it is a "requirement" in the minds of many Filipinos. That's why when Filipinos see Gay Americans who are not cross dressers, but rather muscled man, and handsome in the world standards, well they would be confused, because the fact of the matter is that they were raised up in a cultural environment where everyone who cross dresses is GAY, and if you don't cross dress you are not GAY, even though we do know this is not necessarily true...


    we do have a lot of hard headed bishops in the philippines, but also a lot of good ones too.

  6. +JMJ+

    I guessed who the bishop was even before you named him, Terry. A few years ago, he was very supportive of cross-dressing men putting on their own Flores de Mayo--traditionally a parade featuring the young women of a parish, done in honour of Mary. Another bishop was quoted in the news as saying that sort of thing does not honour Mary at all (and if anything, does the opposite), and Bishop Cruz disagreed. I didn't really pay attention at the time, though.

    But this isn't actually a big deal over here. The difference between the way "gay issues" are handled in American media and the way they're handled in Philippine media is astronomical.

    PS--If I told you that Imelda Marcos and my grandmother are friends of a sort, would you believe me? ;-)

  7. Enbrethiliel - yes I believe you - because you love shoes and shop Clinique.

    My favorite Imelda moment is a video of her singing Happy Birthday to her husband.

  8. Hey Terry, I have a video of Imelda dancing w/ her golden shoes. I was also afflicted with IMELDEFIC disease. (buying & collecting shoes).

    word verification: prize LOL

  9. Fr. Gary - too funny!


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