Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Here's a thought.

After the sexual assault of a female journalist in Cairo a few weeks ago, and then the revelation of a priest arrested for sodomizing a 'client', the following thought emerged which helped me make sense of such crimes:
"Rape is a desperate act by powerless men to humiliate and subjugate... sodomy is like it."


  1. Twenty-one Pennsylvania Priests named in sex report are suspended…

    At the end of the Associated Press article announcing this, the following statement is made:

    "There's a simple reason that dozens of credibly accused child molesters have recklessly been kept in unsuspecting parishes for years, instead of being promptly suspended. It's because (Cardinal) Rigali and his top aides want it that way," he said. "They have taken and still take steps to protect, above all else, themselves, their secrets and their staff, instead of their flock. That's what two separate Philadelphia grand juries, working with two prosecutors, after two long investigations, found over the last six years."

    (Cardinal) Rigali's move to suspend the priests "was forced on him by the Philadelphia grand jury report, and is an act of desperation, not transparency," Terence McKiernan of BishopAccountability.org said.

    "In Philadelphia, a Catholic official had to be indicted before the archdiocese finally began to comply with its own policies," he said. "We have no reason to believe that Philadelphia is unusual — in other U.S. dioceses, credibly accused priests are no doubt still in ministry, and review boards are protecting priests instead of protecting children."


    We need to make certain our time during Lent this year is spent in prayer and penance; that our hearts are filled with the Faith and love of Abraham.

    We need to call out “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us”

    Pray for the Holy Father, his Priests and Religious.


  2. "Rape is desperate act by powerless men to humiliate and subjugate... sodomy is like it."

    Rape is always desperate act. Add evil. You cannot re create it in words. It is a momentary act of power by a man which attempts to destroy the dignity of it's victim. The violence of it defies human understanding. In it's wake it leaves hopelessness, shame and utter despair. The scars are forever visible..especially the ones in your

    But God is able to raise up again what the enemy had hoped he buried for good..

    I pray for the journalist and the priest's client. It's a long road back..but Jesus is able to restore and heal what the locust has eaten.


  3. I hate the very thought of it.

  4. The term "sexual assault" is so sterile, and covers such a wide ground - look at the different degrees, state by state.

    The reality is that it is the most violent possible act of a human being upon another human being, not a matter of "powerlessness" but rather, an act of trying to prove power upon someone who doesn't have the same status, robbing them of their most intimate of gifts, taking from them what is meant for Another.

    I'd rather die, and kill, than be raped.

  5. sighing7:57 AM

    Master Terry - was the priest arrested for "sodomizing" or engaging in sexual activities w/a client who he was counseling?

    ...with that question, I have come to strongly believe the act of sodomy is very much anti-child, anti-woman, anti-male, a sexual act against family, even if the participants believe it so or not.

  6. Hi Sigh... The priest was arrested for taking advantage of a vulnerable adult whom he had been counseling - with whom he engaged in sexual activities. Sodomy was one of the sexual activities he engaged in with the female vulnerable adult.

    Whatever the act of sodomy signifies, it is included in one of the 5 sins that cry to heaven for vengeance - the sin of the Sodomites. Therefore, aside from our personal perspective on what the act represents, it is surely an abomination in the Biblical sense. It is not unreasonable to conclude the act of sodomy comes under that particular Sodomite sexual activities umbrella.

    Do you think I should rephrase my post and let it be known that Wenthe took advantage of a vulnerable adult, rather than cite the activity which renders the crime even more offensive? I don't. And I stand by my theory, that sodomy is an act perpetrated by powerless (add to that, weak) men who seek to humiliate and subjugate their prey. Even when it is consensual, there is an unconscious attempt to somehow assert their masculinity and dominance. It is a loveless act - therefore hateful and evil.

    BFing is repulsive and disgusting, and makes me sick.


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