Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wow! I am so bored with blogging and bloggers and the Internet and TV and, and, and...

I must say!


  1. Me three. I have nothing to talk about other than beer.

  2. I just think it's because you miss Sister Patricia.

  3. Terry:

    Let's start some sort of Catholic business... Catholic Public Relations?

    Catholic PR Consulting?

    Maybe an independent Catholic newspaper and call it the US American Catholic Reporter – just for good measure :)

    Or maybe we could just create kitchy nativities with frogs and stuff.

  4. You're never boring!:)

  5. I almost took this down for fear some of my friends would be offended - but Larry is right - I miss Sr. Patricia.

  6. It's just January, that's what it is. Why don't you post photos of your meals in stage by stage preparation shots?
    or your socks? Where you bought them and why, exactly. That might be interesting........;)

  7. Shadowlands - I love that idea! LOL!

  8. Oh Terry - have no fear! I've been traveling through Australia, and the floods down here have got me hemmed in a bit. Snakes and spiders and crocodiles - it's like getting trapped at the Vatican! Hah!

  9. Me four,

    I'm blogging for life this month as I ponder, what's the point?! Gay chastity, birth control, abortion, stupid politicians and euthanasia.... do I really think anyone would read my blog and change their minds on any of these issues when I can't even convince some of my own family members to think correctly ?

    Defending the positions of the Catholic church is a thankless job, but at least we're not killed for it ... yet and I'd rather be doing this than cleaning the parish bathrooms.

    I wonder when we'll have our computer plugs pulled by people who claim that we write hate speech because we make people feel uncomfortable. Adrienne you sure post some uncomfortable things about our politicians as does Mr. T. with the importance of chastity in the gay community. (Good job BTW!)

    Perhaps we could consider blogging as if each post were our last because at some point it will be and which one of our posts would we be willing to go to prison for?

    Perhaps we could consider the "Un-churched" who happen upon our blogs I'm rarely if ever preaching to the choir but only the lost google readers who visit then never return.

    I'm here for you people. Your building up the body of Christ. (Said in my normal but very supportive monotone voice.)

  10. @Sister Pat, we've missed you!


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