Friday, January 07, 2011


A conspiracy theorist's picnic.
Both Fr. Z and Fr. Blake have written about the Masons.  And all the crazies are coming out to comment....  Love it! 
Art:  "Men Who Like to  Dress Up" - a portrait of Harry S. Truman in Masonic regalia.


  1. What, are you flirting with danger here, too?

    Fr. Blake had a great, common sense post. I think Americans don't know the brunt of Continental Masonry, so to us it's a bunch of guys who go hide from their wives and pretend to be important. Kind of like when the Knights of Columbus dress up in full regalia (my grandpa was the highest you could get in the K of C but refused to ear the "skunk hat").

    But they did some pretty rotten things in Europe and in Latin America. Doesn't mean that we should be reinstating crappy monarchies like some of the trads think (I'd go for the Habsburgs, but what idiot in their right mind could think the Bourbons were good Catholic monarchs? Louis XVI, who started like 30 wars? Come on.).

    I stay away from the Conspiracy theorists, especially the ones who like to tie Masons/Jews/Communists into one plot. I remember an Austrian corporal art school drop-out did that and made quite a name for himself.

    But seriously, some people need to calm down and believe in the Church and the Holy Father and stop implying a bunch of schismatic, quasi-heretical, paranoid crap.

  2. Highly recommend Why Catholics Cannot be Masons By John Salza for a good explanation of why freemasonry is not compatatbl;e to Catholicism.

  3. One time a coworker walked up to me and said, "Melody, you're a Catholic." (And I'm thinking "uh oh, what now!) "Why do you think Masons are evil, we raise a lot of money for sick children!" I replied, "Why Tom I don't think you're evil! I respect the good that Masons do."
    There's good reasons for Catholics not to join the Masons, there has been a lot of anticatholicism especially in the South. And there's the things elsewhere Tom was speaking of. But I don't feel we do any good when we make it a personal attack, or a knee-jerk response that nothing good ever comes from the Masons.

  4. "And there's the things elsewhere Tom was speaking of."
    I said Tom, I meant Mercury.

  5. I'd rush right on over and read those posts except for the fact that I am taking your advice (before you gave it via) another blog I avoid on avoiding blogs that cause us an occasion to sin.

  6. michael r.8:19 AM

    I've enjoyed reading the comments over at Fr. Z's. You really have to wonder about some of those folks though. There seems to be a real disconnect for some trad types who believe in the masonic conspiracy in church affairs, and yet are so quick to overlook the real masonic influence in the founding of the US government & it's political machine, which is what they seem to believe in.

    I'd love to know what Fr. Z himself makes of all of this, and how he feels now about the use of Mozart's music for church services. I distinctly recall him speaking favorably of it in the past, but Mozart was famously a mason, and he wrote some well-known wonderful masonic music, in addition to gorgeous Masses, etc.

  7. Masonry at the top has caused a lot of trouble throughout the centuries. The average Mason is harmless. And just about every Protestant man you'll ever meet is or has been a Mason. My grandfather, my husband's grandfather, my uncles, all were Masons and all were decent men.

  8. Both Fathers (Blake and Z) I'm sure have unique perspectives on Masonry - Blake is British and Z lived in Rome for years. Although I think they are pretty rational about the matter and very much in full agreement with Church teaching regarding Masonry.

    That said, one of Fr. Z's commenters, a former Mason clearly states why Masonry is incompatible with Catholicism - primarily the error of religious indifferentism - which seems to be more 'universal' these days than the Church BTW. The commenter also rejects many of the Satanic myths associated with American Masonry.

    I may be mistaken, but the revolution and oppression of the Catholic Church in Mexico in the last century was Masonic in origin - so Masonry is nothing to take lightly.

    Unless you're a Shriner in a fez driving a little car in a parade of course.

  9. “…But seriously, some people need to calm down and believe in the Church and the Holy Father and stop implying a bunch of schismatic, quasi-heretical, paranoid crap…”

    I have dead relatives and Priests all across Mexico fighting against this ‘crap’ you so casually brush off as crazy conspiracies.

    “The children of Darkness work far harder and longer than the Children of Light.”

    Gruesome is the only word to use for the practices of that lodge.

    Here is a video of one of my relatives:


  10. No, I believe the Masons have done serious harm in many places, especially in Mexico. I didn't mean that they aren't dangerous, and I know that as an ideology/religion it can be very imsidious. Catholics should have no part in it at all. I just meant that I reject the sensationalism that spits on the good names of many holy men, including the current and former popes. I also reject the idea that all representaive government is somehow Masonic or diabolical in origin, and that we should go back to the "throne and altar" days.

    I am well aware of the evil the Masons have done in several places I'm the world, and I thank God for the martyrs who gained their glory fighting this evil. But the truth is that American masons for the most part are not Satanic agents, but guys looking for meaning. If anything it makes ten ripe for evangelization.

    Pablo, please do not think I would ever belittle holy martyrs.

  11. It isn't the masons that are the problem, it's the shriners. Beyond the cute fezzes and tiny cars in parades, they practice magic and believe that they can cast spells that influence the outcome of events.

  12. As a member of a Masonic girl's organization growing up I will attest that that was probably the best experience I could have as a teenager. I learned incredible meeting organizing and public speaking skills at 13-14 years old, getting over stage fright, how to talk to people you've never met before, and learning how to introduce Grand Poohbahs, etc. Also learned very valuable waitressing skills helping to serve pancake breakfasts and spagetti dinners for the Masons (my grandfather and great grandfather were Master Masons, and my first cuople of years of college Ihad no problem getting waitressing jobs to put me through school), and I still have all their books). That carred over into my adult life in the military, interviewing for jobs, my present professional occupation. Although I have had no ties to Masonic organizations for years,locally they and their associated organizations do a tremendous amount of charity work. I don't know all of the ins and outs of
    Freemasonry...but my youth groups I was part of looking back did nothing that would be counter to Catholic faith and doctrine, considering that the groups are open to youth of some faith (you have to believe in athiests)

    Burn me at the stake now... :)


    PS I love the portrait.. I have my grampa's apron and the hand embroidery is gorgeous...nothing like that is done anymore.

  13. Austringer12:41 PM

    A good Catholic friend describes the Masons as one of the "best friends" the Church ever had. He was one for many, many years before returning to the Church, and asserts that there is nothing anti-Catholic about them, that they are more Catholic than most Catholics, as they recognize the importance of ritual (here he is referring to most post-Vatican ll liturgies).

    However, this fellow also eats up verything E. Michael Jones writes, who sees Jews at the root of all grand conspiracies and revolutions, so I don't always trust his assessement.

  14. I trust the seventeen Popes that have condemned Freemasonry...



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