Friday, January 07, 2011

Pulled a Boehner

John Boehner.
I always thought the Speaker's name was pronounced 'boner' and so I was disappointed when I heard it pronounced 'baner' (I don't know how to put in the long 'A' mark).  I even thought 'bahner' might have been a pronunciation, but I kept going back to 'boner'.  Anyway - when he does something media disapproves of, I'll bet someone uses the boner word, only they'll say, he pulled a Boehner.  Get it?
Now about his tears. 
Do you think the press is going to play the bully because the Speaker of the House tears up from time to time?  In a day and age when making fun of people and their weaknesses is practically illegal, there certainly has been a lot of discussion about this.  Many weaker types in our culture are lobbying for legislation outlawing any kind of bullying.  So why does the press focus so much on Mr. Boehner's 'gift of tears'?
Anyway - I really like John Boehner


  1. I was watching wrestling the other night…

    Tag team match.

    One guy would go in and get the soup slapped out of him until finally, he would tag his partner, who would then come in to whack the other guys.

    Then he would get the soup slapped out of him.

    Keeps the peasants entertained and occupied.

    All the while, someone else is reaping the cash and benefits of the ‘Show’.

    Now Boner has been tagged.

    Wonder how long before he taps out?


  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Ellen cried over her cat on national TV so I don't see what the big deal is, well, except that he's an actual Catholic which makes him a target.

  3. michael r.5:56 PM

    I can't stand him. Fortunately, I live just across the line in an ajoining district. He is a phoney. Did anyone see his big interview with Brian Williams? Off the top of his head he can't think of any place where he would cut the budget.... as if he's not had time to think about it? Huh? For real? .... Doesn't surprise me, because he doesn't have a clue about what he is doing; and we will all realize this all too soon...or all too late.

  4. There are quite a few more serious things that could be pointed out and backed up with facts. Mr. B took over 40 trips on corporate jets in the past 6 years. He brags to playing at least 100 rounds of golf every year, many times when he should be earning his 6 figure taxpayer salary. He is known by his colleagues to be lazy. While the Constitution was being read on the floor of the House yesterday he left to have a news conference. This is the leader of the House.

    Any person with good sense who pays attention to what he is doing [not what is reported he is doing] can see he is incompetent to do the work of those who elected him. He is bought and paid for by the corporations who contribute millions to his campaigns, provide air transportation, resort golf and at least in the past a free luxury apartment in the Capital.

    As to his tears, I could care less. He looks like an idiot when he does it over and over and over. Ellen didn't cry about her cat every tiem she was on TV!

  5. I laugh. Nancy Pelosi was any better? This Government has a chance? Is there a competent politician...

    I laugh.

  6. michael r.8:19 AM

    Actually, I would pick Nancy over him.... sadly, if that were the choice. I believe she is more competent, and certainly she didn't pass out corporate payouts on the floor of the house of representatives, which is precisely what he did. He says he regrets that now -- only because he got caught.

    I'd invite your readers to google his name and see what other kinds of intrigue pop up. He had a hard life, no doubt -- worked his way up from a bar stool in the family bar. Yes, he's got a perfect score for his "pro-life" position, but he has consistently ignored every other concern of the bishops of the Catholic Church. He is anything but pro-life. Sorry for venting, but he is the very definition of a cafeteria catholic. God help this country.

  7. michael, if your analysis of John Boehner is correct, he's still way ahead of Nancy Pelosi who is anti-life and thinks that Bishops are merely advisory.

    re: budget, if, rather than choosing an area to cut, he merely reined in the spending, again, ahead of NP.

    I think that reading the Constitution was a good start as well. We need to remember that the founding fathers left a rule book and Congress needs to follow those rules; while I realize that reading the bill before it's passed isn't in the Constitution, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to read the bill and share it with the populace before it gets voted upon.


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