Friday, January 07, 2011

Breaking News!: 20% of all young British women use morning after pill. But of course!

Who wouldn't use it if it is available?
A poll has shown that as many as one fifth of all young women in the UK have used the morning after pill (MAP) in the past year after “unprotected sex.” - Source
I'm sure even good Catholic mums know this.


  1. Those look like the Thalidomide babies of the 1960’s.

    That pre-natal pill caused children to be born with flippers instead of proper arms and/or legs.

    A Japanese couple once took their Thalidomide child to see Father Leo Francis McNamara in Chicago; he was a stigmata. Father McNamara pronounced the Priestly blessing, “Bendicat vos omnipotens Deus…”

    The following day, the child awoke with arms and legs.

    Please say a Hail Mary for Father McNamara’s soul.


  2. That is what these kids are. My point is that women put stuff in their bodies that not only deform but kills their offspring and themselves. Yet they wonder why beast cancer is epidemic. The morning after pill is so new, no one knows what the longterm effect will be. While these people contaminate the water we drink with their drug laced urine.


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