Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Spiritual Combat

Every day I pray to Fr. Solanus for priests.  Why?  Because he is such a good example for priests, despite the fact he was a simplex priest.  That means in part that he didn't hear confessions nor did he preach.  Nevertheless he counseled thousands of souls and his prayer and Masses were so exalted only heaven knows.  Despite his canonical limitations, he was a faithful priest, through and through.  All priests entered seminary with the same holy enthusiasm.  Not a few falter - because the demands of the vocation can be very difficult at times.  So I pray especially for the priests I know, friend and stranger alike.  I pray for those who read me or link to me, those I read and link to, those who write to me, those who minister to me, and so on.  I pray very, very much for priests - every day.
Sadly, I just came across scandalous news about a famous priest/exorcist.  I don't believe the stories for a minute.  I suspect the scandal is demonic and most likely a spiritual attack because of the priest's dedicated work on pro-life causes and exorcism.  Even if the stories are found to be factual, I still believe it was an attack by Satan on his ministry.  Temptation and sin is part of the spiritual combat.  I would never cease praying for him even if the stories were true.  I don't want to link to the stories or discuss them as they do no good at this point.
That said, I am praying for Fr. Tom and I ask all of you to pray very much for him in these trying times...
Please pray every day for all priests, as well as our bishops and the Holy Father.
For information on Ven. Solanus:


  1. Terry - on occasion, I stop in at St Bonaventure's in Detroit where Fr Solanus served for all those many years. They offer confession every hour throughout the day - so I have found it to be a literal Godsend.

    Next time I'm there, I will pray for you at his casket.

    As well as for all priests.

  2. Thanks Larry. I wish I lived nearby - I want to go to confession.

    BTW - I pray for you and your family every day too.

  3. Fr. Groeschel always talks about Fr. Solanus. I'd like to know more about him ... oh I see you left a website.

    Larry, what is it with Detroit and awesome priests? Y'all had Fr. Hardon, as well.

  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    LarryD, say one for me too, please.


  5. An Exorcist should always move silently and quickly in the performance of his duties.

    When women gather and follow an Exorcist, things are bound to go wrong.

    It is a concern I have regarding the Exorcists that accompany the Federal Agents in Mexico in their pursuit of Narco Trafficants.

    Women have attached themselves to the Exorcism process and follow them around as though they were a vital part of that Priestly Order.

    With all their hearts and souls, they believe they are the most important part of Exorcism.

    With your comments, I see disobedient women are not just a problem in Mexico.

    As Father Martin pointed out in his book Hostage to the Devil, a woman’s place is at prayer. Out of the way of the Exorcist.

    There is much more that can be said, but I kept it short so as to not offend or cause the demise of your delicate followers.


  6. I just relayed this on another blog that had a post about a wayward priest. My grandmother always said that the devil sits on the monastery walls, meaning that he works especially hard to bring down souls consecrated to God. A collar or a habit is no protection from his attacks. I, too, pray for priests every day. I don't know the priest of which you speak, but will pray for him just the same. Without knowing any of the particulars, I do have to wonder if the charges against him are false and the work of one of Satan's minions to discredit Father's ministry.

  7. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Pride always goes before a fall.

    It can happen to any one of us. There are two sure-fire preventatives: HUMILITY and OBEDIENCE. Just be sure not to be proud of your humility and obedient mind. And always remember, the very second you start admiring how humble you are, you are in trouble.


  8. michael r.2:05 PM

    I picked up a book on Fr. Solanus some months ago. I'll have to open it up now. I hadn't realized he didn't hear confessions. Perhaps there is hope for me after all. (Imagine if I could be ordained just to say one Holy Mass. I always think that way, simpleton that I am.) LarryD, please say a prayer for me too at Fr. Solanus' tomb. I have completed my first week of radiation and chemo, and things are going well; no doubt due to the prayers of many of Terry's readers.

  9. Everybody - I will remember your intentions next time I visit his tomb.

  10. "...Everybody - I will remember your intentions next time I visit his tomb..."

    Mr. Larry D,

    Mucho, mucho appreciado.

    It's a good Catholic man that drags everybody to the cross.

    On behalf of those in my intentions, God bless you.

    May God be with you.



  11. Oh, how I love Fr Solanus. He's my pick to call on for everyday problems.
    Once, when the monastery was being held hostage by a swarm of bees, Fr Solanus led them safely away by playing "Mother McCready" on his harmonica.
    You can't make stuff like that up.

  12. Larry, please take me with you to Fr. Solanus' tomb, too. I'd be so appreciative.

    Terry, I like how you mentioned that even if the stories turn out to be true, that should engender even more fervent prayer for said priest, not our scorn. We *are* in a battle against powers so overwhelming, our Lord protects the majority of us from the sight of it. Concurring with Veronica, Humity and Obedience - the foundational virtues on which to build the bulwark of our spiritual Castles.

    may our Lord have mercy on each one of us, but especially His priests.

  13. Father Joe4:53 PM

    To all of you who pray for priests every day, THANK YOU!

    To those who didn't say it but pray for us either sometimes or every day, THANK YOU TOO!

    To LarryD, please remember me at the tomb too. THANK YOU.

    And THANK YOU, Terry, for giving us this forum!

  14. A Random Friar9:23 PM

    What Father Joe said. Thank you!

    And I just heard on the radio that someone is releasing a slanderous book on Padre Pio?

    The world hates holiness and humility! God bless my brother friars.

  15. AS a Secular Discalced Carmelite I pray for my brother priests DAILY.

    Dear priests..please know that youhave a hUGE ARMY of prayer warriors on your side, please know that when you get overwhelmed or discouraged or lonely, we are on the sidelines, quiet and anonymous, lifting you up spiritually.

    God Bless you brother priests.


    I've found that when the world of people gets to be really overwhelming, I go to the barn and clean stalls...good clean honest hard work, where the only crap is horse generated...helps me get a fresh perspective on what's really important.

  16. Larry,

    I did not make it to St. B's while I was in Detroit this winter. I also should have contacted you.

    Fr. Casey was an amazing man, and it is SO great to see so many more folks coming to know him, his legacy, and his spiritual works. Please include my mother in those intentions. Her name has been placed on his tomb before but... she needs it - a miracle really.


    I believe you are right about your ideas on the attack. I for one know such attacks exist, and I know they come when you are at your strongest or most useful for God.

  17. Thank you for remembering us priests in your prayers.

  18. Praying for Fr. Tom and all priests...
    I admire Ven. Solanus so much.
    Michael r., praying for you also. I'm glad to hear your treatment is coming along well; I know it can't be easy.

  19. Catholic-Booklady9:41 AM

    Dear Terry,
    Thank you for sharing Father Tom's tribulations. I too agree with you that this is a piece of mischief from the Evil one, who never rests, and specially attacks the Lord's pastors, and more so those who practice exorcism. I will pray to our heavenly Mother that she protect Fr. Tom, and that these charges be dispelled as groundless.

    Bless you for your work on this blog.

  20. I am so so sad to learn this.

    Dear Blessed Mother, pray for our priests. Pray for us all.

  21. Sancte Pater has a post on Father Eutenhauer and his Exorcist dealings.

    It is a new video with Anthony Hopkins playing a main character.

    These are my comments in regard to the movie:

    Ha Ha.

    The Devil teaching about devils.

    The problem with the actual study of demons is that, for our intents, the information is full of theological errors. In other words, you will be up against heathen legend vs. Christian theology. It would be very difficult to sort it all out on your own. St. Albert the Great has some advice for you: "It is taught by the demons, it teaches about the demons, and it leads to the demons."

    Hollywood arose and unleashed the dogs of War against the release of the Passion of Christ movie; they feared it would turn chucklehead Protestants Catholic, and help spread the Kingdom of Christ worldwide.

    This movie is Hollywood’s little darling, because it does what Pope Saint Albert the Great warned of.

    You can probably get free tickets to see it at the local Freemason Lodge.

    I should have mentioned to stay away from the movie; it does not edify your soul.

    It glorifies Satan’s work.


  22. A Random Friar2:49 PM

    Just a note to the St. Michael poster: St. Albert the Great rose to the bishopric of Cologne, not Rome.

  23. "...Just a note to the St. Michael poster: St. Albert the Great rose to the bishopric of Cologne, not Rome..."

    Thank you Random Friar.

    I will pay closer attention to the Padre when he is catechizing us.


  24. I'm going to see Fr Solanus today at noon EST. I will remember you all when I am there.

  25. Random Friar- I'll bet Saint Pio is laughing his head off at the attempt to slander him. As if he didn't undergo every accusation when he was still alive! Ah! I hope he and Mother Teresa are clinking glasses and happy; released from their infirmities. AFTER they ask God for all our intentions...


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