Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Cabinet of Dr. Gosnell...

And his clinic of horrors.
Pro-choice/pro-abortion nazis claim the horrors discovered in the abortuary operated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell have nothing to do with abortion...  Really?
PZ Myers, a biologist and associate professor at the U of M Morris, whose reputation also has an element of creep about it, suggests Gosnell's major crime was pretty much limited to "bad medicine and unrestricted, unregulated, cowboy surgery..."  For Myers the big horror turns out to be the unprofessional operations, employing non-professional assistants, in an unsanitary environment.  Sort of "back-alley" slam-bam-thank-you-mam no-frills infanticide.  How very tacky a "doctor" could be so unprofessionally mercenary and obvious in his "practice".
"If anything, the Gosnell case is an argument for legal abortion."

It is entirely appropriate that this monster be shut down and charged with serious crimes against women. This isn't the first death for which he's responsible; another woman died of a perforated uterus, others suffered from punctured internal organs, others were left sterile by his botched work. The most shocking news is that this guy has been chopping up poor women since 1979, and that the last time the state actually inspected his facilities was in 1993. Why have people looked the other way and allowed this to continue for 30 years?
He has also been charged with the murders of seven babies, and there I have to disagree. There has to be a difference in degree, or the mothers of those infants would also have to be charged as collaborators (they were all willing volunteers for this medical procedure, and they knew the result would be termination of their pregnancy). They haven't, and they shouldn't. Much noise is being made about the "horrific" killings, but late term abortions, even the ones done in clean, properly maintained facilities with well-trained personnel, are always necessarily bloody and unpleasant affairs, like most surgeries. The important word there is "necessary". Late term abortions should be carried out when it is essential for the life and health of the woman, who is the most important participant in these circumstances, and opening the door to accusing doctors who perform necessary operations as murder is a dangerous precedent.
Gosnell committed many crimes. He posed as a qualified practitioner of his art, when he wasn't. He did not maintain a medical facility in an appropriate manner. He had even less qualified people do life-threatening work. He lied to women about their pregnancies. He mutilated and killed women. He did harm. That should be what generates public outrage, not the fact that he did abortions." - This is not a case about abortion.
No difference in practice.
I'm somewhat encouraged this story has generated so much public outrage.  It should also wake people up to the reality of killing pro-abortion advocates such as Myers attempt to cover up with their verbal shell-games.  What the average person needs to understand and take from this - while keeping it ever before his eyes, is that every abortuary is an abortion mill - albeit sanitized, professionalized, and sometimes even dressed up like a spa.  The Gosnell clinic reminds us that every abortion clinic is a slaughterhouse.  Babies, unborn, late-term, or survived-born-alive, are routinely and callously put to death and disposed of like garbage.  And it is all done for profit.  In reality, there is no difference in practice between the Dr. Gosnell clinic of horrors and the commercialized professional facility.  No difference in practice.
Photo credit:  LifeSiteNews story dated May 7, 2010


  1. "Late term abortions should be carried out when it is essential for the life and health of the woman..."

    I have NEVER understood what would cause danger to the life and health of a woman that would necessitate the killing of her child. Yes, I know women who have had problems with blood pressure, lack of amniotic fluid, placenta previa, etc. But why does the baby need to be killed? If you don't want the baby GIVE IT UP FOR ADOPTION! Would you honestly rather kill your child than know he is walking around somewhere out there?

    Please note my remarks are not directed at women who had abortions early in the pregnancy and were sold a bill of goods that the baby is just a "clump of tissue." I just DO NOT understand late term abortion when it so clear that there is human person in the mother's womb!

  2. Terry,

    Beautifully stated!

    Gosnell delivered hundreds if not thousands of infants alive and then killed them by severing their spinal cords.

    Did you know that when the born alive amendment was being discussed Barack Hussein was the only politician who stood up to lobby for the right of Gosnel to kill infants born alive?

    Lots of Catholis who believe in the rights for women to legally execute their own children like to delude themselves and others that there is no difference between Bush, who lobbied and signed into federal law the partial birth abortion ban and Obama, who lobbies for the right for Gosnel, and those like him all over our country, to do what they've been doing for the last 40 years.

    Everyone knows that presidents come in and lobby their laws and agendas and those laws get passed or defeated depending on who we have elected. Have the decency to stop using intellectual dishonesty as a weapon against people who are standing up and saying we have had enough.

    You believe in the legal right for women to kill their children born alive, partially born and crushing their skulls or severing their spinal cords, a viable child killed lethally in utero by burning them to death.

    This is one of the prices you think is worth paying as a country to get a fast ride on a train, clean energy and supercomputers, free houses and giving health insurance to people too lazy, booze and drug addicted or dysfunctional to study in school to get a decent job for themselves and buy it themselves.

    I can buy into the hysteria in a moment of crisis where a woman can be hoodwinked into thinking she is swiping away a blob of cells. I have no empathy for anyone who walked into a clinic at 30 weeks and did this to their babies. I absolutely believe they should as prosecuted as women who drown their own children in a bathtub or kill them any other way. But, that is a conversation for another day.

    The only time a Catholic would be permitted to vote for a monster like the one we have in the white house would be if he were up against a monster who was also pro-baby killing. We've been hoodwinked by pundits and theologians who throwing a lot of dishonesty and malarkey into the stratosphere.

    We've got to spend the next two years vigorously putting their punditry into honest words and inviting others to swallow it if they want to or reject it as we all know they are morally and theologically required to as Catholics.

    52 million babies have been executed. Let those who believe in the right to execute be exposed for what they are and what it is.

  3. What grieves me is that we hear nothing from the pulpits. Nothing..The 'go along to get along' has got to change in our church or as Michael V. said, it'll just keep being "see you next year" for another march for life. That means speak about contraception for the evil that it is.

    How can it be that there is anything more important than an unborn baby?.The very means by which Christ Himself came to us in the flesh.


  4. Caroline - I agree, civility in language so we can all just get along and agree to disagree does nothing to stop heinous crime and evil.

  5. Actually, Terry - this is getting little coverage in the legacy media. More's the shame...

  6. Cathy2:38 PM

    Not about abortion - LOL.
    He was charged with THIRTY THREE counts of ILLEGAL ABORTION.

    Not about abortion indeed.

    Kermit et al:
    Repent, repent, repent.

  7. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Hi Terry,

    I have been watching the lack of media about this shocking situation too. I have discussed the news with my older daughters so they get a idea of lack coverage the mainstream media has given this story. I have felt called to pray for the man and accomplices over the passed few days.

    Best to you all,


  8. The doctor was a paid assassin. His clients were equally guilty.
    Of course, it's all Obama's fault. (and referring to him as 'Barack Hussein' reveals more about the commentator than it does about the president) Pay no mind to the fact that this activity was going on way before Obama was elected.
    Abortion is not an issue for the plutocrats that control the Republican Party. When their mistresses or daughters become pregnant, they will always have access to (relatively) safe hygenic abortion. But these same power-brokers have no problem playing Catholics and Evangelicals with the hot-button abortion issue. I'm one Catholic that won't be played.

  9. The thing is...

    Outlawing abortion would not make this case (or others like) it go away...he catered to the immigrant, ethnic poor community with no health insurance. Pay him under the table and you get what you get...botched abortions and women suffering from horrible side effects. He doesn't care--he's got his money. He doesn't care about ethics...he's got women lined up for hours. He folds up his money and puts it in his pocket.

    Just like the back alley abortion of 50 years back with a coat hangar..women will always want abortions for whatever reason, and there will be those out there who will profit by it.

    Not that I'm condoing abortion--but at least in a PP clinic the women get DECENT treatment in a safe facility with trained medical personnel..


  10. Sara
    There was a time in my life when I might have said the same thing you just did. I agree that desperate women will always find a way and there will always be quacks willing to accommodate them. But, unfettered access to abortion in sterile environments with well-trained personnel has resulted in the current thinking that abortion is healthcare. What's worse, while some women really do feel desperate, others are simply being inconvenienced. In a throw-away society, anything goes. I know you agree that the cleanliness of the environment does not change the reality of what happens in those clinics. Whether it's performed in a clinic or not, abortion is an act beneath the dignity of women as we were created by God. If we could get women to see this and realize the lie they have been sold, the tide might change. No medical procedure that intentionally results in the death of a human being could ever be "safe", especially considering the risk of eternal damnation that goes with it.

    As for the number of women whose lives are supposedly jeopardized by a pregnancy, I would simply say it's outrageous that the CDC is not looking into the reasons why so many women are that unhealthy that a pregnancy would kill them. Statistically speaking, the numbers don't add up, and no one is asking the right questions.

  11. Every abortion adds to the pain of the crucifixion. We continue to crucify Christ in our deeds and in our failures to act.

  12. Sara wrote: at least in a PP clinic the women get DECENT treatment in a safe facility with trained medical personnel..

    As Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 16:23 I say it to you.


  13. Beautifully said Joyce.

    Tubbs, I am not sure what you mean to convey whey you say that calling the President Barack Hussein reveals something about me. That is his name.

    Barack Hussein Obama. The 'Christian' who announced this year, he was having a non-religious Christmas and tried to outlaw the creche at the White House but he is oh-so willing to take off his shoes and get on his knees and bow down with the muslims. This is the same guy who registered as a muslim and citizen of Indonesia and when people asked him to confirm his citizenship here by releasing his birth certificate - certainly an innocuous request given the circumstances - he refused.

    Do I feel suspicious about a man named Barack Hussein Obama with this kind of a lying history who has been kowtowing to terrorists and maligning our own military and CIA has something to hide about his heritage a few years after 911?

    You better believe I do and I won't be shamed into saying it in the public square. But all that doesn't even make my radar screen of reasons why I am calling out Catholics bowing to this messiah and his clean DECENT places to kill babies agenda.

    For the love of Christ and in the Name of Christ, get off the bus.

  14. ..and p.s. to Tubbs, I'm not one to defend the Republicans, but given the history of Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and Al Gore (for starters) on what to do with mistresses, I would suggest that there are more women being shuffled to abortuaries by democrats than you may realize.

    Except for John Edwards, of course, ushering in a new era of democratic whose virtues of cheating on his dying wife and asking his lover and his colleague to concoct a story about her being a whore to get out of his paternity mess.

    I beg your indulgences over my impatience with the straw men. This President, literally, lobbied for Gosnell's right to proactively kill babies born alive in abortuaries. It doesn't get any more sinister that this.

    I am freeken outraged at Catholics who have elected and giving honor and respect to this madman.