Sunday, January 23, 2011

Orphans and widows.

Sunday vigil Mass is full of them.
Tonight I spoke to Kevin.  He's a recovering alcoholic, disabled due to a head injury.  He lived with his mom who died at 3PM on Christmas day.  He doesn't know what to do now, "because she took care of me."  He told me he may be placed in a half-way house, "but I can't endure that!  I won't last."  He is a devout guy - in his 40's I think.  I'm not able to help him except to pray for him.  I know a couple of other orphans just like him.  They sometimes stop by adoration - these guys lost their moms too - and now they are on their own.
Please pray with me for these adult children, newly orphaned.  They are very frightened that they will fall away and be lost.
Art:  Madonna of the Disabled - Filippo Lippi 


  1. I will unite my prayer w/ your prayer Terry. I have a poor parishioner who is elderly/sickly and she has an adult son who has bipolar/schizophrenic. She is worried that his son will be lost in society/system once she's gone. She is his caregiver

  2. Terry, you break my heart sometimes. At least the stories you bring to us do. Does this poor man have no siblings? I guess he doesn't. I don't know if my son is ever going to be able to live independently, though we are certainly trying to prepare him to do so, but I can have peace of mind leaving this world one day because his sisters will not let him flounder. I will certainly pray for him and for those like him.

  3. Prayers will be kept for him and all of these suffering and their elderly parents.

  4. “We don’t have enough room in our house”.

    A family of seven was evicted from their home.

    This is what they were told by relatives and their friends.

    They now have a home to live in rent free and are being given money and food to sustain them while they get back on their feet.

    The children are attending traditional catechism classes and are now attending Mass.

    Their only problem is those pesky Novus Ordo women that slipped in while the Padre was giving the new Mass the boot. But that’s another subject. But please pray the Lord protect the Padre from those Liberal women.

    It takes a strong man to lead.

    We Catholic men need to establish housing programs within our Catholic Parishes for the support of homeless women and children, widows and orphans.

    Here is a Catholic Homeless Housing Program that was established by two Catholic Men:

    It was a dogfight setting up this Catholic program (not associated with the local Diocese).

    There was no political correctness used to establish its foundations.

    It began with one Catholic man getting on his knees and begging “Lord have mercy on us”.

    Then going out and kicking some behind and ‘offending’ everybody.

    It continues since 1992 with the original Catholic man still running it, and the second having moved on to find others to offend.

    My mommy used to say “No Catholic man should ever say ‘I haven’t anything to do’.”

    We should go into the community and round up our widows and orphans, and help them.

    One thing about our program is we are not bleeding heart Liberals.

    Help yourself first, and we will partner with you.

    We are not your mommy.

    If there are homeless families in your Parish, give them your home, and replace them in homelessness.

    God has already given us more than we deserve anyway, we might as well give a little back.

    Read the Life of Mary, as seen by the Mystics. There is a part in the book that deals with how she helped the needy and sinners.

    It is a good example for us all.


  5. I don't know the extent of this man's disability, but he should give the half-way house a's probably his only option if he can't function on his own...


    I found working at the local Homeless Vet's halfway house in the mid-90's that places like that come with LOTS of rules and drugs, no booze, curfew times with the door locked (unless you had a night job), did laundry, cooked for the community, cleaned the community/dorm bathroom, etc as well as MANDATORY daily group meetings and daily room inspections to ensure that no contraband was there...lots of guys didn't like it as they were "used to doing their OWN thing" or didn't do "wimmen's work." (Especially when they were looking at ME). No sleeping in and watching TV all day..everyone up at 6:30 am to help with breakfast, morning prayer and flag salute, (there was a naval ship's mast in the front yard that someone had donated and we put up the colors in the morning and brought them down in the evening) and morning chores. Of course these were former military guys too who understand discipline, and understood that this was probably their last chance before jail. The dropout rate was tremendous but the folks who made it were indeed grateful.


  6. Clare Krishan9:54 AM

    Praying in PA for single moms everywhere who have no-one to help them cut the umbilical cord of their dependant adult children, and for the rest of us facing the financial burden of unfunded mandates for our institutionalized orphans (nursing home residents on Medicaid...). The concept of subsidiarity will need to be preached insistently from the pulpit if the economy continues to tank. We'll all have to look deep into our souls for local 'private' solutions to local 'public' problems (like the earlier commenter says, even without diocesen 'sanction'). Each parish is its own unit of organization under a bishop that should suffice, but as Atul Gawande has recently noted our urban regions have become Medicaid ghettos - where Federal welfare recipients work their minimum wage jobs at the local Federally funded geriatric warehouse. Ghastly!

  7. I am a Catholic deacon and work with homeless men out east. I would be happy to talk with this man if you see him again. you could email me at: anthonyhouseny at aol dot com and i can send you my phone number.
    deacon patrick


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