Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas: On the Third Day of Christmas...

The vision of St. John the Evangelist. 

December 27 is the feast of the Beloved Disciple.

And the signs of the times: 

“The Church has the right to refuse holy orders to those who do not have the requested attitudes or who, in one way or another, are not in harmony with the teaching it has received from its divine master,” Monsignor Tony Anatrella added, saying that the homosexual tendency was actually a “counterindication to the call to holy orders.” - A Tim Drake quote found on WDTPRS

Don't blame me - I'm just the messenger...
Although I'm absolutely convinced one must think with the mind of the Church in these matters.


  1. Ordaining the wrong guys cost the church in America about a billion and untold lost souls.

  2. there are plenty of men with ssa who DO think with the mind of the Church and are already ordained or consecrated religious, living chaste lives and dedicated to the salvation of souls.

  3. Doughboy - I just read Fr. Harvey's take on admitting men to religious life and orders, and your comment agrees with his opinion on the matter. Thanks for adding this clarification.


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