Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before the advent of imposed, early sexualization.

Growing up not even knowing the definition of 'gay'.
I found this gem of a comment on California Catholic Daily in response to their obituary for Fr. John Harvey:

Posted Wednesday, December 29, 2010 12:12 AM By charlio

In an age before total sexual saturation, young people with same sex attraction were free to go through the process of forming confident adult sexuality without the menace of traumatic early sexualization. (Recall the relaxed treatment of kids' w/same sex "crushes" on teachers and other elders in the long-ago age when the latency period was assumed by all.) If just left alone, a majority of those approximately 10% of adolescent males with SSA self-report spontaneous growth out to heterosexuality. A common homosexual seduction strategy is to first bring up heterosexual prurience, then to switch to the homosexual. This is the first fact of the "gay youth" phenomenon: Risks posed as rights. - CCD
Don't accuse or expose the innocent before their time.
I've always wondered what would have happened to some of those kids if they hadn't been told by parents or authority figures they were 'different' or 'queer' - or even condemned as 'dirty little homosexuals', and then abandoned to the inevitable predators who would show up to convince them of it? 
Parents beware.


  1. "Recall the relaxed treatment of kids' w/same sex "crushes" on teachers and other elders in the long-ago age when the latency period was assumed by all." Come to think of it, yeah. Things were a lot more relaxed. In fact my mother even told me as a young adolescent, "Don't worry if you get a "crush" on someone older of the same sex, it's just a stage you go through." And the literature seems to indicate that it is true, for girls at least.
    Unfortunately there is a potential for a lot of confusion and angst if, as you say, kids are sexualized too early.

  2. LeoRufus8:13 AM

    School bullying also pushes kids into the gay belief system: boys who are otherwise sexually normal but find football boring, hunting gross and abhorrent, and who preferentially enjoy music, the arts, acting, dancing, science, math, etc. and who are perhaps brighter and have more vocabulary skills than their grunting football playing, deer hunting peers are more often than not labeled as queers and fags and pushed into those roles early in adolescence by the bullying of the said Clan of the Cave Bear deer hunter football player types.

    Witness the news stories of hazing where insertion of broomsticks or hot-dog weeners into you-know-where gets reported as sodomy after some ethanol fueled football team or fraternity initiation. This manifestation of sexual bullying by pack leader adolescent males with sociopathic tendencies goes on as a subtext in adolescent male socialization and is more responsible for the production of gays than the "gay recruiter" in the public restroom of myth and legend. In sum, young men in their preteen and teen years are labeled by their peers as "queers", harrassed, marginalized, and made scapegoats. Because of this rejection they are converted to homosexual activity by those men willing to accept and embrace them in a sexual manner. I also think this is how the gay priests identify and snag their prey; by observing who is the target of this type of bullying and rushing in to the "rescue".
    Parents, fathers especially need to be aware and accepting of their brighter more culturally inclined boys and not reject them because the kid does not like football or hunting. Dads I think get the blame for a lot of this.

  3. Great comments Melody and Leo - thanks for filling this out a bit more.

    Good to hear from you Leo - Merry Christmas!

  4. We're programmed to find direction from more experienced figures both in terms of the culture and probably biology.

    That's why you need to watch yourself around children if you're prone to act like Bill Murray or other degenerates like that, because children look up to you, just for your physical size if nothing else, and that can translate into having some really bad behavior and thinking hardwired.

    So, you don't have to be a homosexual to look up to someone, you could be normal too.

  5. a great post and wonderful comments from everyone. concur across the board - thank you.

  6. I advise great caution here, and I think Tancred has hit the correct note. This whole "same sex attraction" idea has gotten way, way out of hand, to the point where if some young boy has an admiration for an older man it is perverted by some writers into proof of incipient homosexuality.

    I remain quite unconvinced that so-called "same-sex attraction" is a common thing and remain equally unconvinced by the rather nebulous term "sexual orientation," a term, I believe, invented by the pro-homo groups in our society. When Catholics use that odd term they begin to confuse the three degrees of sin, namely: sin by thought, word and deed, the one often leading to another. "Sexual orientation" - whatever that means - is most often simply the first stage of a serious sin, i.e. sin by thought. Putting a fancy word to that in order to obscure a fact or create a mythology does the English language no good.

    But let us be careful when we speak of these things and try to remember the reasons why boys sometimes drift into this madness. The most common reasons are broken homes, obviously, while others are related to homosexual depredations.


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