Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4th Day of Christmas - The Holy Innocents

This is the second feast of martyrdom the Church observes within the Christmas Octave.  In our day, Christians continue to be martyred in the Christmas season...  It helps one understand how vital the liturgy of the Church is to our every day lives, don't you agree?
I think it is popular now days to compare the first infant martyrs with those unborn infants killed by abortion.  I'm sure the parallel is appropriate, but it seems to  me that since the Holy Innocents were already born and as old as two years, they are very much the patrons of little children who are abused and brutally murdered in so many ways today.  Last night there was a story on the news of a mother's live-in boyfriend who beat her little daughter to death.  Innocents continue to shed their blood today.
Merry Christmas!
Random question for the "I Celebrate Christmas" crowd:  Are you still celebrating Christmas?  Still got your tree up?  The lights in the window?  Still sending Christmas greetings?  Still saying, "Merry Christmas"?  For some - still drunk?   LOL!
Art:  Massacre of the Holy Innocents - Duccio di Buoninsegna


  1. My heart is sick every time I read stories like that.
    Mothers used to take common sense steps to defend their children's lives. Now, not so much.
    New boyfriend you met at the bar? Hey, move on in, scumbag!

    Sorry. Tangent averted.

    In answer to your last paragraph, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and no.

    Merry Christmas, Terry.

  2. From one who celebrates every day:
    1. As much as possible.
    2. Yes. It will stay up until 12th Night.
    3. Oh Yes.
    4. Yes. Presents also.
    5. Yes.
    6. It's fading fast.

  3. No tree, but have three creches. Lights in window are on, still playing Christmas CDs, wearing glittery pins, still some presents to give. Didn't have any rum, so saw no point in buying eggnog. Plenty of cookies, though.

    And just started a Novena for Epiphany.

  4. elisabeta8:14 PM

    Celebrate Christmas through the Purification by keeping my decorations and Nativity up until then. My tree will be lit and showing in the window at least through Epiphany. Am wishing people a Happy Octave of Christmas and Happy Feast Days (St. Stephen, St. John, Holy Innocents, Holy Family, Epiphany etc), playing Christmas music and am eating just one of my brother's truffles a day until they're gone.


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