Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I don't like turkey...


  1. Well, nobody (except my Mom) liked the neck anyway and most butchers remove the head if you ask.

    I saw my Mom gnawing away on a neck one day in the kitchen, all by herself. It was one of the saddest scenes I ever saw. But she maintained that she liked it.

    I think she just didn't want to throw any food out.

  2. Turkey is highly over-rated. Give me a good T-bone anytime...

  3. He's not brown enough . I wouldn't eat that turkey either.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Terry! =)

  5. Well, we have whole roasted pig instead of turkey at my sis home in No. NJ

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Terry. I've returned the favor on the 'song' in my latest post. Enjoy!

  7. Turkey is awesome!

    You know, Terry, when you cook them, you get an altogether different taste;0)

    I sure hope you're in a better mood when those three ghosts pay you a visit on Christmas Eve:0)

  8. My preferences....

    Either Prime rib (Vegas buffet-style of course) or grilled salmon with cajun seasoning..

    About half our Thanksgiving guests didn't show up--mainly due to a death of a close have deep-fried turkey coming out my ears...we did a 30 pound turkey..anyone want some??

    I think I'll take a bunch in to work on Monday..I work on a military base and those young service guys never turn down free food :)



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