Friday, November 26, 2010

After Thanksgiving stuffing...

Spewing random stuff.
Apparitions (spurious):  The 1948 Filipino 'Lipa apparitions of Mary Mediatrix of All Graces' to a Carmelite novice are:
a) false
b) true
c) approved
d) disapproved
e) all of the above
f) none of the above

Who knows?  Spirit Daily posted the declaration, Vatican rules Filipino apparition not supernatural.  I skimmed the report and find it confusing - ruled not supernatural but the devotion is fine?  That is my impression.  I bet that will be the case with Medjugorje too - which is why I'm paying attention to this story BTW.
Exorcists (silenced):  Pewsitters had a link to some questions raised about what happened to Fr. Euteneuer and his book on exorcism?  I answered this in a comment box awhile back - just my opinion to be sure, since I have no direct knowledge of the situation - but neither did the questioner.  However, any reasonable person can speculate that Fr. Euteneuer was returned to ordinary diocesan assignment most likely because his book, Exorcism and the Church Militant, which was also pulled from publication, was perhaps just a tad more extreme than what the bishops would have said on the subject themselves - in other words, he got ahead of the bishops.  (Just my opinion, of course.) 
It appears Euteneuer also spoke well of the now suppressed religious group, the Intercessors of the Lamb in his book, so it could be as simple as pulling the book back for editorial needs.  Nevertheless, I'm still thinking there is more to the story than that - despite the fact the USCCB just conducted a seminar on exorcism a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't notice his name amongst the speakers.  Blaming stuff on the devil makes the Church look pre-Vatican II, if not completely medieval - at least that is what some modernists in the hierarchy fear.  What follows are some excerpts from interviews Fr. Euteneuer gave - my source links to the original stories no longer work - so I will link to the blog posts where I first published them.
Euteneuer stresses, “exorcism is a pastoral ministry and the explicit form of exorcism is a liturgical rite which can only be done by priests.”
"The Church has good reason to avoid popularizing exorcism, and affirming the sensationalist or dismissive accounts of the culture at large," said Father Euteneuer. "At the same time, this necessary discretion has led to the rite being neglected in many areas, at precisely the time when it is most needed to deliver those who have succumbed to the increasing deceptions of the devil in these troubling times."
"Our culture is ever more saturated with enticements to the occult and other dangerous spiritual and moral choices. Clarifying what exorcism is and underlining the urgency for both clergy and the faithful is key if we're going to start confronting Satan where he is making so much headway, in our homes and communities." - Fr. Euteneuer
In today's day and age, Satan is growing exponentially more powerful due to the enormity of human sinfulness, and the Church must confront his power either willingly or unwillingly. Satan is normally "hidden in the dark sea of human sin and error," like Leviathan of the Old Testament, but nowadays he is walking tall in powerful structures of sin like abortion, pornography, sex slavery, rapacious greed and terrorism. He flexes his muscles in the massive diffusion of errors and sinful practices like the doctrines of myriad false religions, pernicious ideologies like radical feminism and "pro-choice" extremism, the militant homosexual movement and the aggressive mass media which is the ministry of propaganda for Satan and all his works and all his empty promises. - Fr. Euteneuer
Black Friday and the herd mentalityNorth Korea threatens war and Americans shop en masse for trivialities - make wishlists and encourage consumption...  everyone needs a Mac.
Thanksgiving Holiday.  It's a secular event.  It's over.  Secular Christmas season is here!!!!!!


  1. I would be surprised if Medj came out the same; I don't know anything about the apparition you referenced, but Medj has a lot of disobedience, both from the alleged seers and their handlers. This is in addition to the Bishop already having declared that this is not of divine origin. And being a bad influence on others, such as Cardinal Schonbrunn, and any parish that hosts the alleged seers anywhere else.

    I had the opportunity to go and wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole, yet someone at my parish drank the koolaid, went there a couple of months ago, and continuously talks about it. I was in Russia more recently and talk about it less and I venerated the relics of many saints, including those of St. Spyridon.

  2. There is an exorcism movie opening January 2011.

  3. Exorcism.

    A quick way to tell if there is a diabolical problem:

    In the place where you suspect someone is diabolically possessed, hide a Green Scapular behind a picture hanging on the wall. Tape it on the back.

    If the person in residence finds it, and gives it back to you; problem.

    P.S. Don’t hide it while they are in the house.

    This is a trick I learned from a Traditional Priest.

    Also when blessing your house, use real Holy Water. Most modernists Priests make Blessed Water. Blessed things cannot bless other things. Learned this the hard way.

    There are Freemasons infiltrated into the Hierarchy of the Church.

    Perhaps Father Euteneuer was getting rid of too many of their demon pals.

    Sad that I have to say this to Catholics: freemasonry is Jewish. It is of Satan. Those that are members are under Satan’s rule.

    There is no such thing as good freemasonry.

    Find an SSPX Priest and renounce your freemason vows. SSPX Priests are trained at the Seminary the proper Catholic teachings on freemasonry. They know how to help you renounce your vows to Satan.

    Also, put a crucifix in your home. Where it can be seen by everyone.

    Many Catholic homes have religious stuff all around the house, but no crucifix.

    Two sticks are not a crucifix. A resurrectionfix is also not a crucifix.

    A cross with a corpus of a dead Christ is a crucifix.

    Know how to protect your home. Have a Priest bless it. Have a Priest consecrate your home to the Sacred Heart. Keep and use Holy Water in your home.

    And in consideration of learning about demons:

    The problem with the actual study of demons is that, for our intents, the information is full of theological errors. In other words, you will be up against heathen legend vs. Christian theology. It would be very difficult to sort it all out on your own. St. Albert the Great has some advice for you: "It is taught by the demons, it teaches about the demons, and it leads to the demons."


  4. Pablo--

    Thanks for the reminder...time to give my workplace a good dousing with Holy Water & Blessed Salt...Me and a coworker did that a year and a half or so ago...she has a gift of really being able to sense "presences"..this one was really dark and made people grouchy and nasty and snippy to one another...we work ourselves from interior to exterior...sprinkled Blessed Salt and holy Water in front of each office...said Our Father, hail Mary, St Michael prayer & prayer of Blessed Salt. Then all around exterior of our building. WE had to be really careful to do this after work hours when very few people were around...after all it is a government building, and government cannot discrinminate based on religion, and we could have really gotten into trouble, even fired......But we have Wicca, New Agers, Mormons, as well as others working in our was also greatly used during WWII..the Ogden area expecially was used as a rail station to transport troops, also organized crime in the 20s-30s..base was a big depot repair base for alot of military planes and equipment. Lots of people died for various reason and ghosts abound.

    Sunday might be a good day as everyone is gone.


  5. With every I ate on Thanksgiving, I certainly need to exercise. Thanks for the reminder, Terry.


  6. Thanks Lar - I thought an exercise post was appropriate for after Thanksgiving. Run like hell!

  7. I don't get the Lipa-thing.
    I read the rambling document you cited from Spirit Daily.
    I guess I'm just a simpleton...either our Lady appeared there and there is a supernatural event or she didn't and that's that...
    I guess that honoring her under the title of "Mediatrix" has been approved.
    But what of the phenomena that took place?
    As for Fr. E's book on exorcism; I read it two times and can find absolutely nothing wrong with it;
    his endorsement of the former "Intercessors of the Lamb" does not strike me as being somehow suspect; their charism was not questioned...the foundress and civil board were disobedient...that's the issue, as far as I can see.


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