Friday, November 26, 2010

Feeder-Feed and Holiday Wishlist....

Remember, after Thanksgiving, the homeless still don't have much more than they had the Wednesday before...
Don't forget to donate to the real poor this season... a check in between your Mystic Monk order and liquor store bill would be just fine.
BTW - USPS, UPS, Fedex cannot deliver without an address.  Just saying.


  1. I find the whole spectacle of Black Friday nauseating...

  2. When I took over a turkey and a gallon of milk to the local Rescue Mission they said that they had had over 650 requests for turkeys..

    Lot of people hit hard espeically with unemployment/underemployment..

    Got a cool idea from one of my Mormom coworkers...They do Fast other words they fast one meal a week and the food (or the money that would go toward buying the meal) that they would normally for the meal goes toward the Food Bank or other food drives. I think that I will start doing that, especially since I do periodic fasts for Carmelites anyway.

    An don't be cheap about it, thinking...well I only eat a bowl of cereal in the morning..what else do you eat with your cereal-coffee, orange juice, toast, fruit and sugar on your cereal. The Lord will see right through it.. also good teaching oportunity for young children.

    Also good idea for those who don't do meat on Fridays or other penances...give the cost of the meat that you would have otherwise prepared...

    God Bless... Sara

  3. Larry - always looking for the musical aren't you?! So 'Up With People' - "Zing goes my heart strings!" So cool.

  4. If you plan it right, you can "donate" everything you save on the black friday deals at the liquor store.

    Or you can downgrade from Crown Reserve, to the regular stuff. I mean, we all have to sacrifice right?

    I for example will be suffering with Middleton instead of Johnny Blue.

  5. You got that right, Mr. Terry.
    There are more and more poor with us and it will continue to blossom into a real crisis.
    Hedonism and materialism are going to destroy this country and our economy.
    Give your hard-earned money for what will be used in the service of God and care for the truly neglected, marginalized and forgotten.
    Buying birdseed is just crazy.


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