Friday, October 22, 2010

What if contraception is responsible for the increase in...

Fill in the blank  _____________________


  1. I wonder waht the result of the monkey study would be if barrier forms of contraception or IUDs were used...those do not affect the fertility cycle like artificial hormones..


  2. How do you come up with this stuff?

    Slow down.

    I'm running out of offensive comments.


  3. Sara, I know nothing about birth(ing)and babies.

    Pablo - c'mon - you can think of something. ;)

  4. I'm gonna be sick...
    There is no way I can even begin to answer this, so I won't even try...
    lions and tigers and bears! O my!
    Monkeys and cows and moral ignoramuses! O my!

  5. Actually Father - I thought it made sense. It's women's fault there are homosexuals.

    I crack me up.

    Seriously - I'm NOT making fun of Dr. Smith - I've been reading up on her and she makes sense. Am I in trouble now?

  6. Up until around 1960 I think the only contraceptives were the barrier type. What accounts for all the homosexuals before 1960??? I would not use her argument in a debate. This is up there with "abortion causes breast cancer." Yeah, tell that to my husband's grandma who had 12 kids and no abortions. Oh wait, I can't, she's dead from breast cancer.

  7. Angie - before 1960 it was because of heavy drinking and vallium - oh wait - vallium was the '60's. Okay, so I think it was due to the fact that women worked outside the home. Yeah, that must be it.

    I don't think there were as many homos before the baby-boomer generation.

    I crack me up.

  8. No, Mr. Terry, you are not in trouble.
    My reaction, to be honest, and this probably is MY problem, is that this whole issue of sexual morality when it comes down to "animal behavior" just makes me...well...sick.
    I get the point;
    but can't we discuss this in more "reverent" ways?
    Just my humble opinion.

  9. "got a tribe of monkeys and put them on an island and observed their sexual behaviour" What some pervs do for fun. Someone needs to tell the guy that there's video rental stores in his neighborhood and the Internet, of course.

  10. But otherwise there's some good duh, er, common sense going on in this talk.

    Can't pass this up: word verification - hyper

  11. I have great respect for Dr. Janet Smith; her work on contraception and the moral norms regarding human life are exemplary.
    I do not, however, agree with her defense of Christopher West.
    That being said.
    The monkey thing...well...that's over the top...but then again...just relegate that to the "uptight Anglo/Irish" blood in me (northern Ireland, that is!).

  12. I have no disrespect for her.
    I have no idea who she is beyond this video.
    I have no idea what she may or may not have said of Christopher West.
    I do know who he is.
    I don't have much respect for him.
    I'm just another lowly monkey but I've always wanted to be a monk.

  13. P.S. I've never been to Ireland but I would love to go some day, especially to the 50th International Eucharistic Congress.

  14. i think she makes sense. y'all are so uptight. and she's faithful to the magisterium, so quit beating up on her and focus on what we have in COMMON vs. nitpicking crap.

  15. Aw soft little doughboy - don't take it all so hard. Jus'havin fun'sal.

    An she does make sense. S'what I said, she said, I said, common sense

  16. What hormonal birth control does is trick the body into thinking it's pregnant by manipulating hormone levels......

    And since most animals view sex as procreation rather than recreation... a female on hormonal birth control would not be fertile because, well, she's pregnant "or giving the appearance of.." so no need to have sex with her if she's already "pregnant." Expend you time and energy going after "fertile" females...

    As far as the human side...humans have been using birth control since the discovery of the world's oldest profession...prostitutes have had no lack of demand for their services over the thousands of blame the number of homosexuals on the number of prostitutes :)

    Terry Dahling--- attend a neat class at your community college called Marriage and the will learn ALL KINDS of neat things :) One day they evenhad a representative fronm Planned Parenthood who even taught us the correct way to put on a condom (Imagine this class being conducted in front of a bunch of squeemish Mormon young folks :) And actually PP was there NOT to teach about contraception but actually about how to live with and manage various STDs and HIV/AIDS...a very real presence in our world.....

    Now that I've made our dear lurking priest blush... :)


  17. Satan uses Planned Parenthood as one of his tools.

    We must cast out from amongst us those that would encourage us to eat from the tree of knowledge.

    Our Priests do not lurk; they are our Sheppards that protect us from the Evil One and his daughters. They watch over us and our souls that the Father of Lies not overcomes us.

    The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is such an important one, Christ went to a marriage and performed His first public miracle there. (outside of Scripture).

    That couple had three things in their marriage; the husband, the wife, and Christ.

    They did not need to know how to put a condom on, or use any type of birth control. Those things are of the Devil.

    Anything that restrains a womans ability to accept and fertilize a man's seed, and anything that kills that seed, is evil.

    Listening to women speak on Faith and Morals is like going to a hog calling contest to hear Opera.

    Pray that the Mother of Mercy smash the head of the serpent once again that those who meet together against God and His Christ be rebuked in their efforts to bring yours and our souls to loss of Heaven.

    Pray that women learn to keep quiet and their heads covered; that they pray the Holy Rosary obediently.

    Once upon a time, I saw a young girl praying before the Blessed Sacrament and immediately got rid of all the cucarachas in my life and married her.

    Find a girl that is so lost in God you have to look at Him to find her; throw her over your shoulder and take her to the Padre.

    Don’t worry; he’ll know what to do from there. ( make sure she is not a married woman).

    An obedient woman is like having a double edged shiny sword. You can only do so much with your fists, but with that sword, you can cut the Devil to shreds.

    Pray for our Priests that our Lord restrain prideful women and put our Confessors back in their rightful place.


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  19. Sara: Thanks, but it takes more than a condom demonstration to make me blush...sorry to say!
    But come on; human sexuality is so darned complex and resorting to animal behavior just makes me nuts...
    okay; there are some valid things to ponder here.
    But the self=giving in the marital embrace and the authentic gift of self that means that you are willing to undergo all kinds of everything for the beloved, cannot and will not be proved by monkey sex.
    That's just my opinion.
    I'm no Jansenist, believe me.
    But I'm with A. von Hildebrand that the "reverence" and "awe" we should approach the sexual life of married men and women is far from being cultivated in this sex saturated and hedonistic anti=culture in which we live.

  20. michael r.8:07 PM

    I studied animal behavior in school and worked one year at a famous zoo, where I tended to two monkey islands. Seriously. Oh, the stories I could tell. This lady seems to know her stuff, but I don't believe it's as tidy as she makes it sound. The incidence of homosexuality (& even masturbation....blush) in the primate world is much more prevalent, and hardly attributable to birth control, though I could see where it might be linked, if the females are put on it. None of the troops that I looked after were on any kind of birth control or hormones. It seems like boredom can be a contributing factor for what goes on at the monkey island.

  21. Pablo--

    Unfortunately due to original sin of Adam and Eve we have scourges such as STDs and AIDS/HIV...and folks may contract them in various ways--rape, molestation, hospital procedures, adultery, just plain teenage foolishness. Plus previous life experiences--not everyone is born cradle Catholic.

    Dear people--made in the image of God--need to be aware of these diseases, and given the proper information and medical attention to properly manage their condition. And people need to be aware if they present symptoms--especially those who might have been raped/molested at an early age--that they need to seek medical help.

    HIV/AIDS especially is the modern leprosey, and prayers on your knees will not make it go away (except for maybe the occasional miracle). Chlamydia cases--an STD--have increased over 50 percent in the past 5 years in Utah...and we're a pretty conservative-minded state..
    I remember a few years ago a girl in one of my classes said "Oh yes--my husband has herpes--but we want children so the Holy Spirit will protect us..." sure enough guess who has herpes 3 months later...and that is very bad for babies in the womb.
    Yeah--it would be great if we could keep everyone locked up in chastity belts until they were married..but that is not realistic..



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