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Children of homosexuals.

The corruption and change which fell on marriage among the Gentiles seem almost incredible, inasmuch as it was exposed in every land to floods of error and of the most shameful lusts. - Pope Leo XIII
Manhattan, Kans., Oct 22, 2010 / 06:04 am (CNA).- Social scientist Walter Schumm doesn't think his forthcoming paper ought to be provoking outraged responses he has already received.

For years, researchers have admitted the possibility that he says he has now confirmed -- that children raised by homosexual parents are more apt to become homosexual themselves. - CNA


  1. While visiting my son and daughter in law I have become acquainted with their neighbors, "Vicki" and "Marie" who have two pre-school (adopted) children. Vicki and Marie are nice neighbors, and their children seem happy and well cared for. I should mention that this city has one of the highest child homicide rates in the nation. Do I think it would be better if children were raised by their biological parents who are married to each other and were ready, willing, and able to care for them? Absolutely. Do I think that there might be a problem down the road that there aren't opposite-sex role models in these situations? Yes. But since June and Ward Cleaver or Cliff and Claire Huxtable didn't come forward, Vicki and Marie are providing a loving home. I am more worried about the children on the other side of town where there are drive-by shootings and a lot of drug-related issues.

  2. I know what you are saying Melody. I know of a couple, two women, who have biological children together - IVF - they are professionals and send their children to Catholic school - the kids appear to be just fine. The women seem to be loving parents.

  3. Mocking God seems to be fashionable these days.

    It is interesting to watch Satan’s children as they parade about, and see all the support they get from so called ‘intelligent’ people.

    The companion to man is a woman, not another man.

    Woman is the companion to man.

    When we allow our passions to overcome us, not even the family dog is safe anymore.


  4. This is going to continue to be a "hot button" issue;
    unfortunately, emotions come to a boiling point and reason is escorted out the door.
    The norm, according to Church teaching, is that a Mom and a Dad should raise children; there are exceptions, no doubt.
    But to equate Christian marriage (one man, one woman) with same sex couples is not Catholic teaching.
    And we will see, we will see, how all of this pans out.
    Single men and women; religious communities of men or women have raised children without parents.
    The case you raise, Terry, is not so uncommon.
    But this is the exception, not the norm.
    Otherwise, we are headed for all kinds of problems; if a sociological study can verify it, why is this so hard to comprehend?
    It's not JUST a moral issue; it's a societal issue, as well.

  5. Father, I'm not equating Christian marriage with same-sex relationships. Just saying that life didn't dish out optimum conditions to some children; and having a safe home with people who love you is better than some of the alternatives. I agree with you that growing up with a mom and a dad who are married to each other is the ideal.

  6. MelodyK: I know.
    And I agree.
    In this vale of tears, we just do the best we can...
    sometimes, the love of two men or two women can be preferable to a heterosexual couple that is abusive and nasty...
    it's very difficult to make this all make sense.

  7. Two homosexual men I went to high with was able to get permission fronm the State of California to take in very high risk youth (jr/high school boys) these are boys who are in the juvenile justice system who this is their LAST chance before they go to prison...these are molestors, rapists, thugs, car thieves...definitely not youth that you would trust around your wife and/or daughter. They take them in, teach them how to be MEN, to respect women, get their head screwed on straight, go to school, etc. Sunday Mass is MANDATORY.. one man is a RN and the other is a psychologist. I visited their house for dinner one year when I was home for Christmas...just amazing the positive influence in these boys lives...I remember one of the boys was fairly new and his job was to take the dinner plates to the kitchen and bring out the dessert...he said cockily "that's what the WOMAN is for.." referring to me. There was quiet around the table, then one of the other boys said "I would really like my dessert." The boy made a face but got up and cleared the table and brough out the pie. They are graduating from high school, going to trade school or the military, being productive citizens. Because someone believed in them, loved them, took them in. Who knows where they would be now. Just so happened to be two gay men.... God Bless them.


  8. There have been some very compelling stories related here. I am quite certain that there are many compelling stories surrounding individuals that have had abortions. That is a small part of the reason why people who work in pro-life don't condemn those getting abortions, no matter how much we hate the practice. Nevertheless, these stories, warming as they are, are not evidence that on the whole gays raising children is a good thing. In its totality, is the cost to society of this practice greater than the benefits? The Church feels that it is, and will not act as an adoption agent for gay couples. But, unfortunately, reason rarely prevails, but sentimentality.

    God laid down certain laws. It is odd to see those who have taken a sterile path, for whatever reason, determining that they want/need/must have children. If you actually read some of the results from the study that have been made available, the increase in self-reported homosexuality in the children of gays is not slight, it is enormous. We're talking nearly an order of magnitude increase in some cases (girls raised by gay women)**. That is a large moral problem, since these children are not being raised by celibate couples, more than likely, and will thus model this same sinful behavior themselves. That is a serious danger for the state of these people's souls. Unless, of course, you reject Church doctrine on marriage, sexual relations, and same sex attraction.

    ** - The implications of this study are enormous, which is why it is already being vociferously attacked even before it is formally released. My own experience with self-described gays is that it is at least a semi-conscious choice in at least half the cases (small sample size, anecdotal evidence, not valid to draw any big conclusion from).

  9. What we know is this: It is a mortal sin to act on homosexual tendencies, children model parents behavior and look to them primarily as their moral compass, we have a study stating that children of homosexual couples are more likely to identify themselves as being homosexual.

    The examples provided in the comments here seem compelling, but in reality are not evidence of the appropriateness of a homosexual couple raising children. It's moral relativism, like a contracepting person believing they're going to heaven because they're a "good person." These couples are (inadvertently) raising their children to possibly go to hell. Parents have a grave, grave responsibility to raise their children for eternity.

    Being that this world is temporary, one must look at what would be best for the children's souls. Going with the example above, the juvenile's soul was in a terrible state with the crimes he had committed. But, how is possibly molding them to believe acting on homosexual tendencies and then possibly identifying and acting on those tendencies themselves, putting them on a different eternal path? It hasn't. Eternally speaking their soul is in the same terribly vulnerable state it was in -just a different bus to get there. Who is to say that them going to prison wouldn't have been their bottom where they realize how much they need God and actually repent? Their soul then would be on a much different path.

    Likewise, for the young girls raised by the lesbian couple in the comment above. With how they are being molded, their soul is in the same vulnerable state as the children on the other side of that town raised with drug dealers and drive-by shootings. There is just a lot more window dressing that makes it appear less threatening. Eternal happiness is the goal, not worldly happiness.

    Any good that comes from these situations-all good only comes from God and that does not equate to his implicit approval, only that He can move where He wants to.


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