Thursday, October 21, 2010

More on the Intercessors.

The good news is that a vast majority support the archbishop's decision, and are apparently happy to move on.
The bad news is they need donations to start a new life - I find it curious that the corporation/foundation that 'operated/owned'  them isn't held responsible for their welfare.
"Those who wish to support approximately fifty of the former members who are now being cared for by the Archdiocese of Omaha can send donations for this specific purpose to: Intercessor Relief, c/o Archdiocese of Omaha, 100 N. 62nd St., Omaha, NE 68132. Checks should be made payable to the "Archdiocese of Omaha" with a notation made in the memo field for "Intercessor Relief."

Top photo:  The fashion industry rushes clothing to the former community members.  Fashion guru Tim Gunn started the emergency airlift saying, "We've got to get those poor souls out of that habit!"  In an interview Gunn suggested that interventions such as these may be planned for the Amish, Bruderhoffs, and some fundamentalist Mormon communities as well. (JK)
Tim Gunn


  1. "Nothing is more tragic than a rose pink habit! Sweet Baby Jesus!"

  2. The "untold story" is going to continue to emerge...
    there is a lot that is not being said (I just know it in "my bones"!).
    The Archbishop is being a true spiritual father here; as I have said on another blog, from my limited perspective (and knowing a smidgeon of canon law...enough to get me by!...I know more about religious life law than anything else) looks as though this whole thing happened within a "canonical framework"...fifteen days (Sept 30-Oct15) is a canonical time line...the people in charge knew what was going to happen if they did not obey (warnings must be given in any situation as this; if they are not complied with, the consequences are clearly spelled out).
    I cannot imagine Archbishop Lucas, with the help of a renowned canon lawyer, just having a "melt-down" and deciding at breakfast to "suppress" this, terms must have been spelled out and with this revelation of activity that took place in the interim, a decision by the authority (foundress and civil board) to disobey the legitimate authority was made and carried out.
    My heart goes out to the vowed members left out in the cold (don't you believe for a moment Nadine was left without support...oh, no!)...
    As I have said on another post, being the spiritual director of a prayer group associated with this former group, the alienation, depression, sadness and just shock...(one of of the members of the prayer group said, "If this is true, who are we supposed to believe?")...I told her, "Jesus in His Church; that's why I'm here as a priest...I represent something beyond myself; I have no idea what is happening".
    What a freakin' mess!

  3. Father - sorry I was being silly about the habits again with this post - my inappropriate humor is showing again.

    But in all seriousness, I can't help wonder - after witnessing how these poor people have been so disillusioned by all that has happened to their community and leaders - what will happen to people if and when Medjugorje is finally decided? I think this case could be an ominous foreshdaowing of an even bigger mess.

  4. Medjugorje? What?? Please explain. Are/were they big promotors of it?

  5. Ang - I don't know anything about that - I was just pointing out the fact that the disillusionment created by the IOL suppression might turn out to be nothing in comparison with what could happen if Medj is ever declared to be false.

    I think I'm having trouble expressing myself these days. LOL!

  6. Terry: You are correct.
    M. was a factor in this group's spirituality...their "emblem"...the "Trinity" crucifix is called the Medjugorje crucifix...
    And I agree with you.
    And as for the I've said before, we don't wear lavendar scapulars of St. Joseph for a good reason (ish!) just looks eccentric and weird.
    Why in this Latin church, habits have to be "distinct" (which causes all kinds of weirdness, if you ask me)...I have no idea. In the Eastern Catholic tradition, monks and nuns wear a similar habit but are identified with the Rule they live or the Monastery to which they belong. It's very simple.
    Just wear a visible sign of consecration based upon tradition.
    Forget about being "distinct"; just love the Lord, His Church, live the consecrated life and be done with it.
    Sermon over:-)!

  7. Ah yes...our sisters in Southeastern and West Central Utah could definitely use Mr. Gunn's talents with the needle..:)


  8. I had known some supporters of Medjugorje to be followers of the Intercessors, and for all I know, "lay companions" of the Intercessors.

    What can you expect if Medjugorje goes down?

    Well, 48 brave people, have opted to follow the Church, through their bishop. Approximately 10 decided to follow Nadine Brown. Will they remain with her? Will there be a schism? Or, will they all fade back into secular life quietly, with fidelity to the Church? We do not know.

    I think we can expect a similar thing to happen if Medjugorje goes down. The largest percentage of followers will follow the Church. But, a small percentage will continue to follow along as if it is authentic.

    How do I know this? It has been the result at Bayside, Necedah, and others.

    Unfortunately, no unapproved private revelation was permitted to grow to the global level as has Medjugorje.

    If Medjugorje is deemed not supernatural, a certain number of people, will break away.

    That is how Satan wins in these situations. He knows he cannot get a particular group of Catholics to dissent. So, he puts candy in front of them in the form of appealing pieties.

    He can mock humility, but not obedience.

  9. Diane - you nailed it.

  10. Terry, I have a friend who luvs the Intercessors and has been to Med FOUR times! Scary stuff. At least she loves the Divine Mercy.

  11. Angie - I have friends who go to Medj all the time - they are incredible Catholics, very devout and charitable. I think many people solidly based in the faith and prayer will always be safe - they are too little to be lost.

  12. Very interesting! Thank you for following this story, Terry!

  13. I have way too many friends and acquaintances who are too easily given into following "private revelation", either that of Medj or other local "mystics".

    If any one of them is "slighted", they are all up at arms about "the attacks of Satan", never realizing that it is they who are being used as tools of the devil.

    These are good Catholics, who attend daily Mass, frequent confession, pray the rosary at pro-life events...and yet, when the Pastor or Deacon or Bishop speaks against their pet mystical event, they are the first in line to claim the speaker as an enemy.

    I fear for these souls; they appear to so many to be so strongly faithful, but in reality, their faithfulness is tenuous.

    Pray for souls. All of them, especially those who appear to be the most faithful; it is they who are under the greatest attack.

  14. Now a news report is stating that Nadine Brown "habored" a woman who had "kidnapped" her daughter in a custody just gets nuttier and nuttier.
    Who knows all the facts here?; I still maintain there is an "untold story" and when it breaks, it will not be pretty.
    And I say this with a heavy heart.
    Hood tip to Vincenzo:

  15. Michael Brown of "Spirit Daily" is all of a sudden silent on this issue of the "Intercessors"...maybe a slow day, maybe some "denial"...I don't know; wouldn't even try to conjecture.
    But I'll tell you this: Archbishop Lucas is nobody's fool...he knows something; and it's probably a real mess; let us pray.


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