Friday, October 22, 2010

Self opinion and pride.

What is blogging?


  1. Hmmmm...I might have to write a post about that...

  2. To some pride.
    Others narcicissm.
    Bully pulpits.

    Yet to others, it is Evangelism and servitude.

  3. A chance for the obscure and unacknowledged to be heard, or rather, read.

  4. Good comments all of you - I think I'm going into my self-examen mode - so I'm really just voicing what it is for me at times. You're all good! LOL!

  5. For me it's a journal/scrapbook/memory tool.

  6. For me it's evidence for other people's attorneys...

  7. I have utterly no idea...sorry.
    I'm just a "simpleton" (thus, The Simpsons!!)...
    I just like reading your blog, Mr. Terry.
    It's just as simple as that.
    You help me get through the day.
    And I mean that.

  8. What is duty?
    What is good will?
    What is love?
    What is entrosm?

    Ah, I can answer the last one. Entrosm is word verification.

  9. For me it's evidence for other people's attorneys...

    I like that one.

  10. Oh, Hell.

    A blogger is just a frustrated writer who has too many values to be hired as a journalist or be published by one of the "Big Ones", or is too lazy or without merit to bother to even try being "published" through any other formal venue.

    In the end, writer or blogger, few will ever be remembered and it will always be one of those cultural wars that went unobserved until some lazy self-designated liberal "artist" wants to write a poem about it and make a name for himself through his lens of "I have a great grasp of the obvious and want to make sure all of you know it."

    Then he will fade into oblivion while writers and bloggers alike rend him into shreds ad infinitum for his stupidity.

    Does that about cover it or have I missed a facet of the great drama that would put a speed-head to sleep?

  11. Blogging is my brain in defragementation mode and when I write about something I'm able to let it go and never think about it again- for the most part.
    I once ran across a geneology page of some poor man in the 1860's who had been arrested for drunken behavior and he spent the night in jail. I thought, "Geese, maybe the man just lost his wife or child or farm and was having a really bad day but now it's recorded for all of history!

    That's what blogging is. Many recorded days and much of which will be used on our judgement day. I pray - to my advantage.(hahaha)

  12. Hey, is that your real photo Mr.T.

    I love that Cathy put her's up as well. (It makes me feel less dorky.)

  13. oh, here we go again. As Cher would say ... "Snap out of it!"

  14. Dear Cat, Which Cher, I gotta know so I can get a good visual on that.

    The hippie or the cool mod Cher, the "80's Me Cher" or the ooooold lady Cher?

  15. Belinda - Cher from Moonstruck.

    Cat - you are the best - just what I needed.


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