Friday, August 13, 2010

Quelle suprise! Non-Catholics influenced Vatican II liberalization of Catholic church, new study says.

Who could have imagined?
Melissa Wilde, an associate professor of sociology in the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, led a team of researchers that investigated data from the Vatican Secret Archive to determine the critical factors influencing how bishops voted at the Second Vatican Council.
The researchers found that the relationship between the church and state as well as changes in the institution's situation in relation to other institutions, particularly a loss of dominance and the presence of and relationship with other religious institutions, were crucial factors in predicting whether religious leaders would be open to change and also what kinds of change they would prioritize.
In addition to her research on Vatican II, Wilde has examined the demographic factors that explain why American Protestantism has gone from being majority Mainline to majority conservative and the role of religious competition in the rise in marital annulments in the Catholic Church. - Source
That's really something, huh.

Vassula's miracle - I know!


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

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  2. It's really sad, and interesting, how many really hateful people there are expressing themselves on the internet.

    They live as if an those events of 20 or 50 years ago were this morning. Few are listening to what they have to say. Most of us have our own pains, generally unexpressed.

    So the only effect of expressing their venomous views is to rekindle their painful memory of real events. Is their pleasure in that? Maybe so.

  3. Dear Anonymous, I am so very sorry for your bad experiences in the Catholic Church. I removed your comment simply because of the tone, I wish this blog could be a place to vent anger, but it generates even more negativity when blog posts and comments give way to such things.

    That said, I want you to know that I pray for healing and reconciliation in your life.

  4. And...if you really want to get "your undies in a bindy" check our Fr. Z's post on "Are Bishops and Priests validly ordained after 1969?" (his commentary is superb; top-notch...some of the comments...well, read for yourself)...yeah, I got "my undies in quite a bindy"...s***.
    I went "hog wild"...but for Pete's sake?
    The Lord is going to have 500 valid Catholics with 50 validly ordained priests and 3 valid bishops??? (This my conjecture, after reading the website of the Society of Pope Pius V, in Ohio, with said numbers...psycho)
    What's wrong with this picture???
    People, good people. Very innocent, salt of the earth people, are being duped by these psychos, charlatans, morons, perverts, what have you.
    What about them? The innocents, I mean?

  5. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Do as you wish Mr. Nelson with my comment. It is your blog.

  6. Nazareth Priest ... I read that whole discussion on Fr. Z's blog. I find these kinds of attitudes to be more dangerous than liberal dissent for a variety of reasons. But I think the point is, anyone who really truly wants to love the Church and be a part of it in all Her 2000-year tradition will automatically see the Küngs and Chitissers of the world as charlatans ...

    ... but when the dissent comes with a veneer of tradition and piety (and often genuine piety), then this poses a great danger to souls who take the Church seriously. And Satan knows what he's doing, becuase he leads people into a downward spiral making them incapable of trusting anyone, and incapable of examining their own consciences and asking if perhaps they are wrong. It's revolting.


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