Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Study!

Personality set for life by 1st grade...
Our personalities stay pretty much the same throughout our lives, from our early childhood years to after we're over the hill, according to a new study. - Rest of the story.
Yes but...
These studies never account for God's grace.


  1. OMGosh!
    Haven't thought of this for years!
    Saw "The Bad Seed" as a wee lad...many years ago...
    even then I though the character played by P. McCormack was a she-b**** from hell!!
    One of the greatest compliments I have ever received in this life, was from a friend of my mother's; visiting us after a long time of separation...she said to me "You are so calm; I can't believe it...you are so calm!"
    Well, since the time I had seen her, I'd become a Catholic, lived a sacramental life for several years, and probably, had grown up (although that is STILL in the works, as far as I'm concerned)...
    Yeah, my personality is pretty much still the ADDHD, mouthy, "full of S***" six year old that wants to boss, control, and take over the world.
    But God is good; as you say, Terry,
    His grace makes all the difference!

  2. i can see you in blood-stained mary jane's. now i know what happened to mrs. rabbitowitz.

  3. 4mercy7:51 PM

    Terry -
    This has nothing to do with this post (sorry) but I could you "repost" your beautiful piece on the rosary - i wanted to send it out to friends and had trouble finding it.

    You wrote something to the effect of "pray the rosary, even if you pray it badly..if you want to overcome a temptation, if you want to grow in virtue" etc.

    It is great advice and well written. Thank you!

  4. Hmmm...

    You know, I was always a very very shy little kid, and I admit there is STILL a great deal of shyness in me.

    I've just learned to overcome it over the years, and by necessity.

    Although some facets of my personality have definitely changed, perhaps if I really considered it, there really hasn't been much change at all.

    We're all probably a bunch of adults wandering around in "survival mode" because if we didn't adapt to the world around us, we would never have made it through anything. But perhaps we remain who we are...always.

    No wonder so many of us are so pretentious or at least come across as "pretentious" or as having a "persona". Because it's true!

  5. I hereby nominate:

    "...These studies never account for God's grace..."

    As Roman Catholic statement of the year.



  6. Maria8:26 PM

    self-minimizing behavior (essentially being humble to the point of minimizing one's importance). HA! You gotta love it! How "social science" patholgizes humility.
    Terry, this is one of my all time favorite movies. Where did you put them shoes??? You have to have a cultish love for this movie to appreciate the insertion of Bing Crosby at the end of this "montage". Was there ever a better drunk? Man oh man. Did I ever need a laugh tonight. Thanks, Terry.

  7. Maria8:28 PM

    "They don't put little girls in the electric chair", don't you know? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 4mercy - the post you want is this one I think: "Things are only going to get worse." copy and paste the following link in your browser and you should get it.


    Let me know if you can't bring it up and I will repost it. God bless.

  9. Personalities are set by the 1st grade??

    Gee whiz, mine changed at least 3 times today alone!

    Wait....it's not supposed to do that, is it?

  10. 4mercy10:35 PM

    Terry - That brought it up! Thank you! It really is very good! :)

  11. Yeah Larry--mine can change at a whim too...depending if I'm around my grouchy coworkers or the way cute fighter pilots..

    Then you have to consider the phase of the moon, and my premenopausal raging hormones..

    The shrinks would have a field day with me :)


    Heheheh!! My word verification was "scold." :)

  12. Personality set for life by 1st grade? Uh no. Anyone with children will tell you that they (the parent) have changed (either in practice or realization) now that they have kids. Children are like little mirrors in your house showing you your every flaw, whether by imitation or calling you out, or making you realize you really AREN'T a patient person. And as you said, that is God's grace (one of the many routes). The grace to see ourselves as we really are and the time enough to change. Psychology has some merits, but it can really only take us so far. All things are possible through God.
    I think these kinds of studies can do more damage than good as they can turn into a self-fullfilling prophecy.

  13. I'm one of seven kids and my Dad says we're all the same as when we were little. It's so true. But that's just personality. Sensitive, stoic, manic, cerebral, flighty...these are all morally neutral qualities. I think if we were all perfect saints, these qualities would still be intact. Like the St. Terese said, different flowers in the garden. I've had moral highs and lows that make me *seem* different, but was always a perfectionist, orderly, introspective, cheerful, odd...

    I think sometimes we beat ourselves up over our natural personalities, particularly if we feel unlikeable - those old high school hang ups. We don't have as much control over our personalities as we think, and yet we feel deficient if the world doesn't approve of us. I think our personalites are like facets out of the diamond that is God and they are part of the roadmap that God chose for us to do His will.


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