Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dawn Eden

CNA just announced that Dawn Eden has generously made her thesis, TOWARDS A “CLIMATE OF CHASTITY”: BRINGING CATECHESIS ON THE THEOLOGY OF THE BODY INTO THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY available through their website.  I've had the honor of reading the thesis, and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in the topic, especially as it concerns the popularization of TOB by Christopher West.

Congratulations to Dawn Eden, as well as thanks for making her thesis available, along with prayers for her continued success.


  1. And no one can say that Dawn is old-fashioned or puritanical or unable to relate to the new generation, which are the accusations continually aimed at Dr. Alice von Hildebrand. I can't wait to read the entire thesis!

  2. That was interesting, and timely. (Those lacunae were a bother to be sure.) One wonders if she will be joining the TOB Institute now...

    While she is decidedly academic in approach (here in her master's thesis at least,) it would be good to see how a female perspective in presentation might simply differ from Christopher West's male approach/anecdotes, etc. ...and of course how well he takes to fraternal correction.

    Thanks for posting the thesis, I would not have come accross it, so presently, otherwise.


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