Sunday, August 08, 2010


I now prefer Mass as it is pictured above.
After all my tweeting about nothing, I forgot to mention how Mass went this weekend.  It included a baptism - two of them actually - with two huge families.  The majority of them processed in with the Celebrant, ascended the altar steps with him, were introduced to the assembly, and the first part of the sacrament was performed.  Applause.  Gloria.  Readings.  Homily.  Conclusion of baptismal rite - the entire congregation invited to gather round the pool in the back of the church.  Rite concluded, more applause, go back to pews.  Prayer of the faithful and the rest of Mass...
It was a circus.
Photo credit:  New Liturgical Movement


  1. Terry: I feel your pain, really.
    May we come, sooner than later, to an authentic celebration of the Sacred Liturgy...according to Jesus' Own Intentions.
    How often He is left out of all of these considerations..what does He really desire/want/command?
    He is more lonely, I am afraid, than any of us can imagine.
    "I looked for comforters, and none could I find".
    Those words of Psalm 69 haunt me daily.
    Jesus, made present in the Holy Sacrifice, so alone...could we not watch one hour with Him? Could we console Mary and John who were so faithful beneath His Cross? Could we not just bow our heads in adoration before the consummation of the complete Gift the God-Man makes for us in this Mystical Re-Presentation of His Sacrifice?

  2. "It was a circus" That sounds like a similar situation I was in a few weeks ago. Most of the family that was there for 1 of the baptisms acted like they were at a ballgame or something. 1 female thought that 1 of the songs was a good tune to shake her booty to, I kid you not. & 1 guy felt he had to reply to about everything the priest said by pointing.

    IMHO much of the problem is 40 years of poor catechisis, some accidental, some very much intentional. I don't think the majority of the people know what they are doing is wrong because of how they were taught. At this same parish I have noticed how many people come in & just bow towards the altar as if the tabernacle a few feet to the right wasn't there. They had to be taught that.

    Hopefully, the new translation will help deal with a few of the problems. The greater use of the TLM will also do a lot. But until people in the pews start getting authentic Catholic teaching problems like this will continue.

  3. Teddy:

    In our new parish, the Exorcism is by default omitted.

    We said, Dear family, please fly us home to have our first child baptised in the above mentioned form.

    3 Exorcisms, no clapping, although everyone was gathered around the Baptismal font... but that is because the rite is done prior to Mass, in that form.

    Then the Mass... with all the focus given to Jesus as was due.

    The Baptism Rite in the EF is stunning. Just stunning.

  4. I like it better if Baptism is done before or after Mass. That said I feel happy for the families; and the parish to be welcoming the little ones into the family of God. My granddaughter was baptized at a large urban parish, and there were nine other babies baptized that day. It could have been a circus, but they actually handled it pretty well. When we hear about how young families aren't bothering to come to church or baptize their children, sometimes it's good to be reminded that the Church still does have a future.

  5. Anonymous8:18 AM

    My husband had a similar experience at Mass recently. There was a group of folks present for a Baptism (which took place after Mass), and one of them was constantly waving to others, chatting, moving around, etc., and was also dressed in such a way that my husband wasn't sure if the person was a man or woman. No one said a WORD about this --which doesn't surprise me, because our parish is getting more and more lax all the time -- everything they do is (excuse me) pretty half-assed. Fr. Nazareth, your remarks about Jesus' loneliness touch my heart. I've been staying away from Mass because of all the BS, but I want to keep Jesus company, so will start going again.

  6. Nice post, Teddy (I like this nickname better than the one I was using, this one is sweet!).
    Fr. Nazareth, Beautiful. :)

  7. The last time we were subjected to an anomaly during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (a fill-in priest who ranted for 30 minutes about the priest abuse thingy during what was supposed to be a homily) we left. Next morning we attended the FSSP church.

  8. Terry, I once said to my Pastor that his Sunday Masses were a Three-ring-Circus; circa 1985.

    Do you know Latin? The true Mass is returning as you know, slowly, but surely.

  9. Baptism during Mass doesn't have to be a circus..

    We had Baptisms during our Sunday services in the Presbyterian Church, only the parents walked up and presented the baby/ child for baptism...even if there were several it was done one at a time..much like Adult Baptism here in was so nice to be able to welcome the newly baptised babies/children into the congregation...

    Now with Baptism outside of Mass it seems to be a more "private" or "family only" type of thing...kind of sad to me.

    The big party/hoopla can be afterwards..


  10. not long ago there was a Baptism at our parish as well--similar acrobatics, lots of talking and racket, very little reverence. I can't, however, pin it all on the baptism. There are a number of children at our parish, and they all make quite a stir. I do not blame the kids, as kids will be kids when left to their own devices. It's the parents who do not prepare their children for Mass with whom I have a beef.

    I'll not try to claim that my upbringing was deeply spiritual, because it wasn't; but my sister and I knew better than to talk, fight, run, yell, listen to headphones, or even ask to go to the bathroom. Hello, folks, it's Mass, not a dinner party.


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