Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ou est le suicide...

Charles Haddon, 22, singer for Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, leapt to his death from a telecommunications mast behind the main stage at the Pukkelpop festival shortly after his band performed at the Belgian event which attracted sell out crowd this wekend.
Twenty two years old.


  1. May God have Mercy on his poor soul..


  2. Austringer12:34 AM

    May God have mercy on his poor soul, and may the deathly sickness that pervades our corrupted culture be healed.

    Mother Mary, pray for our civilization.

  3. I hope this isn't a trend. During the Swell Season’s concert in Saratoga on Thursday, a man died when he jumped from a roof and landed on the stage while a band was performing.

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM

    This reminds me of a quote:

    "I have just now come from a party where I was its life and soul; witticisms streamed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me, but I went away — yes, the dash should be as long as the radius of the earth's orbit ——————————— and wanted to shoot myself."
    — Søren Kierkegaard

  5. From

    After issuing their third single, 'Jackson's Last Stand', in July, the group had announced that they would release their debut album, 'Christ Died For Our Synths' in October.

  6. Who know's what motivates and moves us--just one moment in time that can NEVER be undone. So incredibly sad.

  7. REQUIEM aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.
    Jesus, Mercy, You know all. Give your son eternal Light, Life, and Love.
    Burn away his sins; purify him in the Light of Your Love. Amen.


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