Sunday, August 22, 2010

How I feel tonite...

Seriously.  I can't talk to my family. 


  1. I have learned that it's quite possible to love from afar.

  2. Thanks Gina - I always forget that - sometimes it is necessary too.

  3. Thank the good Lord, my immediate family is somewhat functional; the extended (esp. on daddy's side...oi!)...
    I had the unfortunate experience of meeting my dad's sister at my Mass of Thanksgiving in my home parish in Illinois...she, without a beat, dished up all kinds of crap from the past...dammmit!
    It didn't ruin the day.
    But it sure as hell made me very clear that that one was not someone I wanted to be in contact with.
    And she's one of the few Catholic relatives I have.
    From which all the mental illness and substance abuse generates...go figure.

  4. My extended family continually HOUNDS me for money, yet they have plenty of money to buy booze and smokes and junk food...

    I then in charity remind them that if they would just BOTHER to get their GED, they WOULD be able to get a decent job..I've offered on numerous occasions to pay for their GED classes, but NOOO..that's too much WORK...

    Thank God for Caller ID...


  5. Sara: Oh, I hear ya, do I hear ya...
    I'm on the "d-list", thank you Jesus,
    from all the degenerates in my family tree.
    Mary, help them!
    Mary, help ME!
    It's only because they think I'm
    "agorophobic" and a "hermit" (because of my religious vocation) that I'm actually left alone!LOL!
    Just tell 'em you're a "consecrated hermit"...maybe THAT will solve your problem!!

  6. Maria9:51 PM

    Yall are too funny. Before I was onto apprehending Godly things, you know, before eternity had meaning, I used to think that I would never escape my family: I'd be consigned to find them in heaven or hell.LOL.

  7. Maria: We NEVER escape our family...oh, dear Jesus and Mary...but we can at least exorcise and sanctify the "family tree"...God knows how many thieves, adulterers, drunkards, perverts, child molesters, hypocrites, apostates, mentals, etc. on both makes my head ache...I just give 'em to Jesus in the Holy Sacrifice and to Holy Mary in the Rosary and be done wit' it.
    Otherwise...I'd end up on the fourth floor of the local hospital (ya know, the PSYCH ward?)...
    Give 'em all to Jesus...
    that's what I do!!

  8. Hi, Terry.

    Computer crashed. Probably will be limited contact from libraries and office til Saturday or Tuesday of next week.

    Didn't lose data, I hope. It was a Windows crash. But my hard drive and memory tested OK.


    Don't have access to my address book. I'll have to rectify that in the future and move my addresses over to my gmail account where I am now.


  9. “I can't talk to my family”.

    Speak constantly to your family through the Holy Rosary.

    Each Hail Mary represents a Psalm; dedicate a Psalm to each of your relatives. You can go through the Psalms and assign one or two for each family member.

    When we say our Rosary we are taking a spiritual walk through the garden of Heaven.

    Walk; don’t run, through the garden.

    Speak to the Holy Mother in the Psalms on behalf of each of your family members. As you grow in love with the Mother of Mercy during your walks through the garden, the Dispenser of Divine Graces will provide that which your family requires.

    Never was it known that anyone who asked for her help was left unaided.


  10. Maria8:54 PM

    Padre--indeed, we do not. If I had not been granted the great mercy of understanding my sin and my place before my God, I would never have been "released". As it is? Now, I now live in the garden. What a lovely suggestion, Pablo...

  11. Pablo - thanks for the good advice - you are a special man. God bless.


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