Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Foxes in the hen-house.

I changed my mind about this post - I'm not liking the direction the blog has taken lately - it's pulling me down.  Cool image of the fox amongst chickens though, isn't it?
(Just so you know, I edited this at 3:01 AM.)


  1. Dear Mr.Terry, Perhaps you would like to participate in posting the 5 things in life that bring you joy (I tagged you in a post yesterday, which cracked me up) You can't include religious stuff either.

  2. +JMJ+

    I like the image, too. The fox has the kind of wry but harmless expression you'd expect from the trusty farm dog.

  3. We have a very gentlemanly fox that stops by at 3 o'clock nearly every afternoon and sits by the chicken run. He watches the chickens, but he never tries to test the fence. (Unlike the raccoons--don't get me started on them)
    Probably due to his calm demeanor, the hens never panic and go about normally, business as usual.
    I'm not stupid enough to let them roam the yard, however. He'd be onto them in a flash. He's biding his time.

  4. Julie - I love foxes - but they are kind of like cats - they wait and watch. I love cats too.

  5. Belinda - I will do that - soon I hope. It is going to be difficult... kidding.

  6. 4mercy3:31 PM

    Here is one reason to rejoice for the Church...Archbishop Chaput! He just gave a tremendous speech in Slovakia. CNA has a piece on his talk. I was greatly encouraged to hear the truth spoken so plainly.

  7. +JMJ+

    I'm going to take the raccoon comment personally, Julie! ;-)

  8. Hmm..."foxes in the henhouse"...
    lots of examples I could think of; yet...even with "this present danger", God is in charge; He is running the Church, even if there is chaos, apostasy, disobedience, "filth" (Pope Benedict's "Stations of the Cross" in 2005).
    Another image is the "weeds amongst the wheat", the very delicate and vulnerable situation where to eradicate the weeds before harvest time would damage and destroy the wheat; the Lord, Who is the Master Harvester, will take care of it all in due time, in His time.
    We must wait, pray, keep vigil and love.


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