Monday, August 23, 2010

Does Fr. Martin S.J. Support Homosexuality?

Well what do you think?
Broadway, actors; his ministry to theater people and stuff.  Yeah, he probably does.  Well probably not so much supports the life style, but rather the people who identify as such.  I'm sure he graciously welcomes those who seek to live according to Church teaching as well.  (At least I hope so.)
Fr. Martin's post:  Dr. Laura and Leviticus
BTW - Since Dr. Laura is leaving, maybe Fr. Z could take over her time-slot.  He would be great.  I've always said he needs a radio show.
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Photo:  Fr. Martin


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    I think he does. As one of the commenters on the site put it, my sense is that Fr. Martin often is "dissenting from Church teaching in a way where you don't actually say you are dissenting from Church teaching."


  2. Anonymous - slippery is right. Thanks.

  3. Martin is Richard McBrien with better writing skills.

  4. Oh! - I didn't realize that Ricky joined the priesthood. Talk about livin' la vida loca, baby!

  5. Maybe the good Fr. Martin should read Pope Benedict's analysis of biblical scholarship, particularly in "Jesus of Nazareth"; I, unfortunately, was the recipient of the usual bulls*** in an abbey-which-will-not-be-named's "school of theology" about the whole mess; believe me, I know it from the inside.
    And it is just a means of scholarship and nothing more or less;
    if it helps to promote the magisterial teaching of the Church, fine; if not, forgettaboutit! (Snap outta it!).
    Until I had biblical studies in my Master's course with Fr. Pacwa and Fr. John (from St. Augustine Church, South St. Paul...can't remember his last name...I'm getting old!), I mistrusted any scripture scholar.
    As for being a me, Fr. John Hardon, Fr. Fessio, Fr. Pacwa and Fr. Ciczak are among the few Jesuits I trust (as well as my teacher, Bishop John Sheets, God rest his gentle soul).
    Slamming Dr. Laura with this load of manure (literal biblical interpretation!...oh, so it's an "inspiration book" like D. Chopra now?) just reveals where this guy is "coming from".
    And be afraid.
    Be very afraid.

  6. Maria8:50 PM

    Ya think, Terry,ya think he does?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maria, while you're pickin' yourself off the floor(!), I'll just add a...WELLLL?????:<)!
    I'm an agonostic on this one!

  8. Maria9:02 PM

    I must not pontificate.
    I must not ponitficate.
    I must not pontificate.
    Oh, Padre. It is a sad and sorry mess, aun't it?

  9. Maria9:10 PM

    Padre-- I cannot wait to see how he will malign Hardon SJ once he is canonized. I am CONVINVED that Hardon will be made a Saint. Hmmm, and the Society did eveything it could to silence him...

  10. Maria:
    Fr. Martin is a sad, sad example of what the last 50 years has done to most Jesuits;
    I am aware that a "new Springtime" in the Jesuit Order is happening (ssssh!...don't tell anyone!) probably due to the intercession of Fr. Hardon and Fr. Ciczak (how I love them both!)...
    Jesus is Lord! Now and forever.
    Even if we only see crud and decay everywheres...okay, I'm done:<)!

  11. How much longer will people like this be able to say these things without any consequences?

    If I bad-mouthed my boss and company, I'd expect to get fired without severance.

    Plenty of traditionalist priests were let go without even the slightest pretext, losing their health benefits, everything, and these types of slick salesmen of the gay way keep collecting six figure salaries.

    Of course, there are many injustices in the world, but it's worthwhile pointing out this one, because it's particularly glaring, before it gets buried.

    Today, most people's attention has been grabbed by Bishop Williamson.

  12. Thanks Tancred - I wonder if you meant this comment for the Fr. Rodriguez post though?


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