Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Russian Spy Case...

The press has pretty much quieted down about the arrest of the Russian spies who have been amongst us for years.  The only story I could find on my regular news sites last night is about the identity crises their kids are facing.  Weird story huh?  They were here all along - acting and living just like normal people.  Didn't you think the Cold War was over?  I did too.

So what if Obama and Hilary and Ayres really are commies?
What if communists really did infiltrate the seminaries way back when and some of these crazy bishops are commies too?  What if Reds are embedded in our legislature, our colleges, Hollywood, libraries, even our chanceries?!  What if some of them even wear traditional clerical garb and say the traditional Mass?  What if some of them are in charge of Catholic institutions like Hospital Associations and stuff?  (Ask yourself this;  Who originated the pantsuit?  Jiang Qing!)
Sometimes I wonder if all the Muslim cab-drivers in this country are really terrorists waiting for the right moment?


  1. I love Boris and Natashia!
    And so vhat if Communist infiltrate seminaries; bishops and priests are spies?
    Jesus is Lord.
    And He won!
    Check out Book of Apocalypse or Revelation...
    Mary is Mother...
    Jesus wins.

  2. Everybody spies on everybody. I'm not worried about the Russians. It's the Islamic sleeper cells that scare me.

  3. oy vey! You should have a valium button for your readers for a what if post like that! We'll have to settle for passing a paper bag around the com box. ;-) But, I've thought the same things and sadly, I don't think that we'd be too far off in thinking so. The encyclicals Rerum Novarum (On Capital and Labor) and Quadragesimo Anno ( On Reconstruction of the Social Order) have much to say on this topic and are quite prophetic.

  4. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Feeling a wee bit paranoid, Terry?

    I wonder too, sometimes -- and I live in Canada!

  5. master t - as i have been saying ... things are not what they seem ... not paranoid, just understanding the nature of the other ...


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