Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My All-Time Top Ten Romantic and/or Love Songs

The Look of Love.
-Dusty Springfield
The Look of Love
-Chris Botti
A Song For You
-Leon Russell - But this version by Adrian Edward is not bad!
My Funny Valentine.
- Almost anyone, but especially Chet Baker .
A House Is Not A Home
-Luther Vandross
I Keep Forgetting
-Michael McDonald
I Can't Tell You Why
Baby, Baby Don't Cry
Walk On By
-Diana Krall
-Leon Russell, Usher/Luther Vandross
Your Song
-Elton John
-Astrud Gilberto
You've Got A Friend
-Carole King


  1. Glad to see that Dusty made the list!



  2. You nailed some of my favorites!

  3. Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx...
    The Best of Times by Styx (that was my Prom theme :)

    I Can't Wait to See you Again by Miley Cyrus (which basically reflects how boy crazy I can get :)

  4. Great songs Terry! You forgot to include Abba, but heck, never mind. I'll post one later, on my blg.

  5. michael r.6:51 AM

    Glad to see Leon Russell on your list. He wrote some great songs.

  6. Don't forget about the heart break songs.

    You know the ones that hurt so good! hahaha

    Burt Bacharach factors in that equation as well. His break up songs are the best.

  7. doughboy7:29 PM

    omgosh i LOVE chris botti & diane krall. saw them live together about 3 years ago and saw botti again 3 weeks ago. listen to them every day almost.


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