Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tomb Raiders in Belgium.

Heavy handed tactics by Belgium police as they raid episcopal offices and the tombs...  What up with that?
Most Catholics in the US would have heard this story on the news or read it in the newspaper already.  It's sex scandal investigation gone crazy perhaps?  Or maybe not?  The Holy Father has condemned the extreme measures as "deplorable" and Cardinal Bertone has said that the raids were "an unheard-of and grave act" and "there are no precedents, not even in Communist regimes."
I think the police action is a foreshadowing of what is to come - or in fact, what is already upon us.  It is upon us simply because it happened.  That said, I always find Fr. Blake's (St. Magdalen Blog) comments on what is going on in the UK and Europe to very insightful.  He's a very practical man and I appreciate his take on things.  I especially like this candid observation:
With techniques reminiscent of a raid on a nest of drug dealers, the extraordinarily heavy handedness of the authorities, with dogs and armed police, seizing even mobile phones, is illustrative of how low in public opinion the Church has fallen under Daneels and Suenens, but is it also that Belgium authorities want to deliberately humiliate the Church and present its bishops as a gang of gangsters? Is this really the only way of getting answers from the Belgium magic circle?

I suspect behind the story is the sheer frustration of getting answers from the Belgium Magic Circle. - Getting Answers   

And this statement seems to be right on the mark:
Holiness and transparency seem to go together, yet today's Church seems to be more about obfuscation, media manipulation, secrecy, cover-up, spin, unfortunately all that comes from the top. - Transparency

That's pretty much what attorneys said regarding Cardinal Mahony's testimony in the Los Angeles cases.
Rorate Caeli has posted background on the sex abuse investigation in Belgium, particularly as it involves retired Cardinal Danneels.  New Catholic also links to a particularly damning article on The Fall of the Belgium Church.


  1. A week ago or so I heard Rosanne Barr say that parents who took their children to Mass should be held up on child abuse charges and then some idiot over on youtube said that parents who take their children to confession should have their children taken away..

    The media is killing us. (We) Our church is in bigger touble than we understand.

    BTW.. When I take my children to confession most of the time they ask to go and when they do go they are happier people.

  2. Terry--"Fasten your seat's gonna be a bumpy ride" (or something like that)love Betty Davis; what a gal!
    ...absolutely right on.
    As for Roseanne Barr (re: belinda)...she (Roseanne, not dearest belinda!) can stick a sock in it...what an absolute waste of human life (sorry!)...
    Her and her multiple personalities can hitch a ride to Pluto for all I care...weirdo!
    Isn't it interesting?...the Pope, the Catholic Church get "tarred and feathered" regularly for all kinds of everything; yet these "celebrity elite" can do whateverthehelltheywantto and they're just being "individual";
    That B.Maher guy (stinkin' white trash Irish, if you ask me) and R. Barr can just....okay...I'll behave.

  3. Father I feel your frustration.

  4. About a mile from me a man was fishing and had been struck by lightning and died. I have often wondered if perhaps he was cussing and saying Gods name in vain 'cause the fish weren't biting. Of course it's only speculation on my part but honestly - at some point, good parents finally have enough of wayward children and their bull crap. I believe that includes God. Good parents put a stop to bad behavior not because they're trying to be mean or controlling but because they love us and so much so that they're willing to let us hurt or have hurt feelings to become better people.

    Honestly, God is real and very much in love with us. Otherwise he would have walked away by now.

  5. belinda: You are so right. God IS very much in love with us...we are just so oblivious.
    I don't like to worry (I'm sanguine by to think of butterflies and sunshine...alas, I am hit in the face by reality all too often!:<)!...
    anyhoo...we are just going to get a good reckoning soon; I'm feelin' in it my bones; I pray that we may have the strength to be faithful and persevere; and I'm not a pessimist (I coulda slapped poor Br. Joseph this morning for his "nasty humour"...but that's him and that's me...I HATE nastiness in the morning!!)...and I actually had my 1 1/2 cups of coffee before his nasty exchange (!)...
    we just gots to pray, hold onto our rosaries, trust in the good Jesus, His Holy Mother, His Guardian, St. Joseph and just try to be's gonna get rough, I'm afraid; be we do have one another...we do. Terry, thank you!
    Belinda! Don't ever feel alone. Nor the rest of y'all!

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  7. Hi Terry -

    Thanks for the post...

    We have to keep praying.

    God bless you.


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