Monday, June 21, 2010

S. Luigi Gonzaga

A favorite saint from my youth - his story here.

21 June is his feastday.


  1. Happy Feast, Terry, and everyone!
    We had St. Aloysius's statue (rescued from a Church) very prominent in our Oratory of Cor Jesu today for our retreat...Br. Joseph here loves him ever so much...I made my First Profession of Vows in our Institute some 22 years ago on his feast (Archbishop Burke gave us our retreat during that time)...and Adrienne von Speyr, one of our initial inspirations, loved him so much, as you do, Terry.
    He's great. Pray for me, y'all...I have so much conversion and true repentance to do, in this Saint's honor...he died at 23...I'm 50 and I'm still 15 yrs of age...:<)!

  2. Prayer for you Father - I had no idea your Institute was around 22 years ago. God bless!


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