Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cathy's make-up lesson: Purse essentials.

Once, Ray and I were out with Cathy and one of her eyelashes fell off into her beer and so then she showed us how she fixes things up in a jiffy.  Ray said, "Ghaaashhh!  Not at the table ladeee!"


  1. LOL!
    I'm dyin' here:<)!!

  2. hehe

    Word verification: obuga

    I used to have a horn that made that sound.

  3. I love Tammy Faye. Really.

  4. Miss Cathy, It's about the content of a womans character and not the color of her eye shadow!

    I would like to do a series of "People I'm not supposed to love, but do" Tammy is one of those people.

    She was so down to earth especially after the fall of their empire.(pun intended) Another person I wanted to post about is Alice Cooper. I hate his music but I love the person.

  5. Ah yes..I could post for hours and hours about makeup.. :)

    But I won't :)

    The gals at the Clinique counter are my BFFs :)

    I WILL say though--the most incredible find is a new mascara by Mabelline--the Colossal Volume Express, in a bright yellow tube....creates nice long lush lashes and lasts all day without giving you raccoon eye :)

    One year I gave up makeup for Lent, a vanity many people at work were so concerned and asked if I was sick.. :) I have rather ruddy complexion compliments of my dear sweet dad and I guess folks thought I was running a fever :) I won't do that again. :)


  6. Sara - you and Enbrethiliel!

    Angela - I know you do - I do too. Belinda does too.

    Father does too, but appreciates my humor.

  7. And I'm sure Vincenzo does too.

  8. Tammy Faye was a riot..God rest her "white trash soul":<)!
    The video was linked to an interview with Rau Paul...unbelievable!! (She explains the first time she put on
    mascara...ladies, you'll love it!!)
    There's a place in the Kingdom of God all kinds of everything(one), I guess!:<)! Praise Him!

  9. Better watch it Mr.T.- our photo shop ninja master (Vince) has the skills to actually make you look like Tammy Faye. hahahaha

    Maybe Vince can un-photoshop someone - like say.... Tammy without makeup?

  10. Sara said..

    "the most incredible find is a new mascara by Mabelline--the Colossal Volume Express, in a bright yellow tube..."

    I wonder if we have that in the UK? I am going to look today. I love mascara. I have never worn false eyelashes though, or teeth .......yet!

  11. Shadowlands--Here in the US we are starting to carry Rimmel, which I believe is a London brand...

    I tried both the mascara and eye pencil and they would just not hold up through a day's work. But I have rather oily skin too..hard finding any kind of makeup that doesn't slide off after awhile.



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