Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a thought.

What if you were the reason a person refused to come back to Christ?  What if your self-righteous, judgemental, dogmatic, theologically correct attitude repelled a soul from accepting Church teaching, from reconciling with the Church, from faith itself?  What if they were just on the edge of conversion and one of your contemptuous sneers, caustic remarks, or hostile snubs drove them away?  That is one aspect of what Jesus is talking about when he warned against "scandalizing one of these little ones".


  1. Thank you for this.

    Important to keep in mind. The Church Militant must be fierce on the field of battle, but kind an gentle behind the lines and in the homes.

    Like in war, we must be mindful that we do not create collateral damage.

  2. I love this. I quoted you on blog but couldnt not add the link bc ad ons are disabled on the pc I am using. I will include the link later then evening.

  3. +JMJ+

    This being my brother's keeper thing is probably the hardest thing about Christianity. I mean, it's one thing to carry your own cross. Whoever wrote the line, "He ain't heavy; he's my brother" was a freaking saint.

    (And now I wonder whether I just turned someone off the Church with that above paragraph. It wouldn't be the first time . . .)

  4. Thanks Kat.

    Enbrethiliel - I don't think that would turn anyone off.

    I did this post thinking of some friends I had a falling out with because of Church teaching - I lost touch with them and then they died. I always regretted that I wasn't able to be there for them when they died... they might have been at a better place to understand things. I hope my prayers were enough.

  5. I wondered the same thing last week when I wrote about Lady Gaga.

    I wonder how many protestants look at Catholic celebrities and politicians and sneer at us.

    Sadly, often with good reason.

  6. Anonymous7:58 PM

    God forgive me, this has happened in the past when I'd get back from Mass & vent about what some people did/said, etc., etc. May God forbid it ever happens again. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on Me, a sinner!

  7. +JMJ+

    I'm being extra neurotic these days, Terry, just in case!

  8. By Your Holy Face, dear Lord Jesus, defend and protect us...and forgive us for offending you, especially in your "little ones", those we do not love or respect...because they reveal to us your "woundednness"...the "horror" of the wounds You bear...O dear, Jesus, forgive us because of the way we have treated Your most precious children, esp. those who others hate, condemn, scorn, ignore, spit upon...because they are You...they are You...and we are so sorry; help us, Lord; we are so blind, so weak, so absolutely lost without You. We love You.

  9. Terry: I KNOW your prayers made a difference; if you stood for Jesus and His Truth, you did the right thing in love...peace, brother Terry.
    The Lord makes all things new; all things right.
    I really believe this, even if I don't "feel" it...I do understand your can be so difficult and dark. Prayers.


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