"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Real quick like."

[That is what I loved about Napoleon (Dynamite) - he was so articulate. So anyway - just a few random thoughts here.]
I'm in a much better mood now days - because I have chosen not to think.
So I was going to varnish a piece I painted last year and noticed a terrible error - I will not tell you what it is - but I was embarrassed, humiliated, and I curled up in a ball on the floor like Basil Fawlty over the fact I had posted the image on my art blog.  I've since pulled myself together after I realized I can correct the mistake - oh, the magic of paint!  I'm just an amateur so who cares, right?
Last night I was watching the news and I realized Michelle Bachman is sometimes treated unfairly in the press - but I still can't stand her or Sarah Palin.
Next Wednesday is a sort of feast day for bloggers, "Spy Wednesday" - the annual feast for watchmen, informants, backstabbers, and the like.  Well, it's not so much a feast as a day of penance for us - we are little better than gossip mongers after all - even if it doesn't always show in our posts - we still find ways to twitter away and report on one another.
One last thing - who started this Weakland as hero bit written about in the NYT today?  Who is the source? 
"Ah!  I wouldn't be surprised if the old scoundrel (Weakland) did it himself, trying to get Ratzinger again I'd say, Fawlty."
I believe the Major may have a point - or maybe not.
"I know nothing... no thing!  I know n o th ing!"  (Manuel)
Photo:  Basil Fawlty; "Don't mention the war!"


  1. I made a mistake on the Theotokos; I copied from the picture but a Greek corrected the spelling. I would't know.I still have to dab on a bit of varnish where the gold covers it up.

  2. Austringer12:15 PM

    Terry, do you ever work with oils? From going to your art site, it looks as if you mostly work in acrylics.

  3. Terry: Not thinking sometimes is a GOOD thing!
    I try to be as oblivious as I can to all kinds of everything that just doesn't matter; I'm not successful, always.
    Being a "scatter-brain" (as in my case) helps.
    I live and work with people who think things to death, and forgive me, Jesus, I just want to scream sometimes because it's all so...pointless.
    Love "Fawlty Towers", by the way:<)!

  4. I had no idea the NYT story would escalate as it has. Pray for the Holy Father.

  5. The NYT thing is just plain "yellow journalism"...with Arch. R. Weakland in the center...this happended how long ago? And with what kind of protocol in place?
    This is just demonic...they're looking for every kind of everything to attack our Holy Father, our Church.
    Yes, pray, pray for the Holy Father.
    Our Lady and St. Joseph, intercede for our "sweet Jesus" on earth..our Pontiff, Pope Benedict.

  6. Thinking is my line of work--that's what us engineers do--solve problems :) I even have the midnight troubleshooter whenI solve problems as I sleep :) It's amazing what can be done when we ramp up into high gear...but yeah I often take myself far too seriously..

    That's why I'mso looking forward to my upcoming Carmelilte retreat weekend...in addition to my retreat master's lectures I have a nice volume of Archbishop Fulton Sheen "Your Life is Worth Living" and veg out a bit...

    You should see us when several of us engineers at church get together.. :)


  7. 3puddytats: Hon, you gots to turn that brain off?
    Just sayin'.
    I'd like an engineer here half the week; the rest of the time, forget it.
    We're just too "whatever"...contemplatives...go figure...keep up the good work though.
    Did you ever think about workin' at the Vatican??:<!)

  8. Terry - when the Cdl Ratzinger became Pope, he said 'Pray that I don't flee the wolves'. Notice he didn't pray that there wouldn't be wolves.

    Pray pray pray - for his enemies, too.

  9. Larry D: You are so right on.
    He did say that.
    He knew that from the beginning.
    I think of Bl. Jacinta's vision...
    "Poor Holy Father," she said. "he has so much to suffer."
    Oh yes. So much to suffer.
    Prayer for everyone is the only answer.
    We are in horrible times.
    God is faithful. Oh, yes, He is faithful!

  10. Nazareth Priest:

    Me?? At the Vatican??

    Too many cute Swiss Guards :) And handsome Italian men :)

    I would need a standing appointment at the Confessional and a very understanding Irish priest :)


  11. Sara: Oh, there's lotsa Irish priests around the Vatican...after a while, you'd get used to all the "hunks" in Swiss Guard gear or the Italians...just talk to them for a while...you might not be so tempted:<)!
    Just sayin'!

  12. Oh dear Father--you have such faith in me!!

    Mgr Gänswein is ALSO there...


  13. Terry,

    Have you read today's readings?
    I got quite a chill down my spine when I opened the page.


  14. Carol - yep - I read them - stunning isn't it.


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